Blogging…what is it?

The questions is…

What’s Blogging all about?

Take a look at the video Blogging in plain English

Blogging is a fantastic way to connect with a wider audience. Pupils share their learning and use our school blog as a portal to do so!

They take pride in what they are doing in their school community whether it promoting events, performances or open days. They create and display their work taking pride in everything they do.

Our school Blog is a friendly and inviting area where we would like as many people to offer positive comments on the work and activities that we do in school.

6 Responses to Blogging…what is it?

  1. george says:

    I wont england to win!

  2. kamran says:

    I wont england to win and ranaldo to looes

  3. rebecca says:

    To comment on things

  4. obo says:

    1939 war was diclared because hitler wanted wanted to rule the world

  5. obo says:

    1939 war was declared because hitler wanted to rule the world

  6. debbie gagg says:

    Hi can we please have updates on kingswood us mums just wanna know are kids are having fun thanks x

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