Year 4 and 5 Safer Internet Day 2015

Year 4 and 5, at Long Lee, learnt how to use the BLOG with Miss King and Miss Bottomley.

We know the rules for good blogging and keeping ourselves safe.

What would you like to say about this session?




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Parents you are invited…

On Friday 13th of February you are invited

to join us at the end of our internet safety


We are holding our annual

‘Big Fat E-safety Quiz of the Year’

where pupils take on the teachers!

PUPILS vs TEACHERS – who will win?

You decide!

Post below who you think will win!


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Safer Internet Day 2015 – Let’s get creative!

Safer Internet Day 2015 is all about making

the internet a better place…

I want to hear your thoughts and ideas, how could you make the internet a better or safer environment for browsing, playing, shopping etc.

Who’s responsibility is it to keep the internet a place, where people feel safe to access websites?

I would like you all to complete a ‘Digital

Deed’ and post what you did below!

– It could be that you have helped a family member to set up security passwords on their devices

– Reminded a friend to NOT post pictures of themselves (or their friends) on websites, or apps that are not securely locked down

– Support someone with their general technology usage

– Encouraged someone to report a cyber bully or if they are being hurt online to speak to an adult (click on the CEOP report button)

– Encourage people to be positive online.

There is so much more we can do on a daily basis to make the internet a better place, we need to work together to achieve results!


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Year 1 have been using QR codes to enhance their literacy skills. They have been learning about adjectives, verbs and nouns.

Children worked in pairs to search for card with QR codes embedded on them, the codes revealed a word and the children had to decide whether it went into the adjective, verb or noun column.

Children were engaged and on task throughout the session and cannot wait to do the next superhero themed maths QR coding activity.

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Year 5 Animations – Day 1

Year 5 have begun their ‘Animations Project’ today. Everyone is excited and we are all bursting with ideas about creating a short film in a group. Look at some of our amazing story board with our initial ideas. Can anybody help … Continue reading

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Christmas Jumper Day Friday 12th December 2014

There is going to be a Christmas Jumper day in school on Friday 12th December.

You  can decorate any jumper and make it festive, wear a  Christmas style jumper or come to school in non-uniform.

Be as creative as you can and if you would like to support the ‘Save The Children’ charity then please bring in a small donation on the day!

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Long Lee get animated

Year 2 had an amazing time this week starting their Gruffalo animations in ICT. We have had fun moving the characters around making sure we didn’t take images of our hands. We also had to make sure that we didn’t knock our camera over otherwise it would ruin our animations.

Blog by Connor T

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Y 5/6 Climbing Trip

A selection of year 5 and 6 pupils journeyed

out to The Leeds Wall to try their hand at


Mr Balmer, Miss Loundes, Mr Thurlby, Mrs

Upshon were impressed by the pupils skills

and techniques that were displayed during

the intense climbing session.

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Year 5 (e)Safeguarding Day

Today Year 5 have been learning about how

to stay safe online.

At the beginning of the session we completed a task on Padlet to see how much they already know!

Then we went into further details about cyberbullying, social media, profiles and positive posting.

Each pupil received a positive post-it note to represent how to they too can be positive whilst online.

Take a look at the Fantastic E-Safety comic strips they have created…

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Kingswood Day 2

Tuesday 7th October

After a good night sleep we were up at the crack of dawn ready for our second day at Kingswood and even the rain didn’t dampen our spirits.

We started our day with an ‘all you could eat’ breakfast of: cereal, yoghurt, fruit, sausages, hash browns, tomatoes, beans and toast.

Then it was time to start our programme of events. We had seven activities to conquer!

The climbing wall was fantastic! We all managed to face our fears. Even some of the teachers had a go and surprised us all by not falling off!

Then it was “ON GUARD” as we lunged and jabbed our opponents in fencing. We all looked like the French musketeers in our masks, jackets and foils.

Whizzing through the air on the zip wire really made our day! We were encouraged to challenge ourselves to defy gravity. Apparently you could hear us cheering back in Keighley!

Taking part in nightline in the woodland was great fun! Only a few children stayed clean so I’m afraid there will be lots of dirty washing when we get home!

Then it was FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD… before toasting marshmallows around the campfire and a well-deserved cup of hot chocolate.

We can’t believe it’s almost time to go home.

Wish you were here,

Love Year 5&6


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