Before we get started…

1. Only use first names.

2. Never post personal information – such as your home phone number, mobile phone number, email address or home address.

3. Tell your parents or teachers if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

4. Don’t post comments that could hurt anyone.

5. Don’t make arrangements to meet anyone over the internet!

6. Enjoy our new school blog.

20 Responses to Rules

  1. Megan says:

    Yes I agree all the rules are fair and reasonabl.

  2. rebecca says:

    i agree with megen i think it is fair

  3. Rebecca says:

    rules are important because if you don’t follow them it could sometimes get you into trouble.A
    lot of trouble.

  4. Miss Fraser says:

    Year 4 have been learning about e-safety and have agreed to the rules above. We are all looking forward to Blogging. 🙂

  5. Georgia says:

    i agree for thees rules and i woud lik more about e-safty.

  6. jah says:

    I agree with all the rules they are fair and reasonal.

  7. jamie-leigh says:

    I agree with the rules.

  8. Brandon says:

    Remember to be save on computers every single time if theres a problem tell someone.

  9. ainsley says:

    I agree with all the rules and think evryone should remember ther e¬saftey be safe

  10. LIam says:

    I agree with the rules

  11. Libbie says:

    I agree with the rules

  12. Georgia says:

    Be safe on the intnet dont let eny one bully you be afe

  13. jah says:

    Never tell people your password

  14. Jake says:

    You shuld NEVER download stuff you have no idea about

  15. puppy lover says:

    I so agrey wive number 4

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