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Animation project Year 5

Last term Year 5 started a new unit with Miss Mudd, we have been learning how to become professional stop motion animators. We have thought through some fantastic ideas for our animations such as… Monsters vs Aliens, The 2 awkward … Continue reading

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Year 1 have been using QR codes to enhance their literacy skills. They have been learning about adjectives, verbs and nouns. Children worked in pairs to search for card with QR codes embedded on them, the codes revealed a word … Continue reading

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Quick thought…

If you could be invisible for a day what would you do? Remember to use ambitious vocabulary, adverbs, adjectives and the correct punctuation. Please explain in detail what you would do in the day.

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How to capture a Mountain Banshee

Are you kept awake at night by the sound of Mountain Banshees crunching bones? If so, do not despair. Help is at hand. Mountain Banshees must be defeated. Read these instructions and soon you too will be rid of this terrible … Continue reading

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Pandora: a whole new world

Write a 100 word description of what it must be like to step onto his fascinating new world. What can you hear, smell, see and feel? Make sure you use lots of delicious vocabulary and your fabulous openers.  

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Flying with the Snowman

Can you imagine how amazing it must be to fly through the air with the Snowman? Write a short description to tell me what you think it would be like. Think about what you can see, hear and feel. Use … Continue reading

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Unwrap the Joy

Cadbury Christmas advert 2013 – Unwrap Joy Can you discuss the Who, Where, What, When and Why of this clip? Do you think everybody will be happy? Remember to make you writing interesting by using exciting adverbs and adjectives.

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The empty room competition

Help me finish my story! There will be a prize for the winning entry. Closing date is December 14th. Tearful, Cheery stumbled into the empty attic library. The floorboards creaked as she waltzed alone, dancing out of the shadows into … Continue reading

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Can you describe this pirate?

Write a couple of sentences to describe this pirate remember your vcop (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation.)

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SPAG – Pre-fixes

un       pre     mis   dis   im    re    de what pre-fixes goes with the given words: zip                   behave              code                   tidy                    understand                 form                   fill                     like trust               pare                    dict                    view                   obey                             flate                    play                   fair believe           honest               caution              handle                agree                          cycle                   heat well                mist                   lucky                  place                   appear                        build                   … Continue reading

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