Meet a creature!

Today KS1 had a very special day! Dean from ‘Meet a creature’ introduced us to some new animals! Which creature was your favourite and why?DSC00870 DSC00766 DSC00776 DSC00787 DSC00850

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2M’s Visit to St. Andrews Church.

This afternoon 2M visited St. Andrews Church.

Here are some of the pictures:

Have you ever been inside a Church? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience. When did you go? What did you see inside? How did you feel when you were inside?

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2M had a very exciting task this afternoon! We had to make new homes for some worms.

Here is a picture of one of the wormerys that we made:


Do you want to know how we did it? Read these super instructions.

Here are some pictures of us making the wormerys.


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Animal Spotting!

On Tuesday, all of year 2 visited Cliffe Castle Park.

We were on the lookout for animals in the park. Take a look at our pictures. Can you name these animals? What other animals do you think might live in the park?

We recorded the number of animals we found using a tally chart. When we got back to school, we created block graphs using the data we had collected.

We found out that inside the a large habitat, there can be lots of smaller habitats. These are called micro-habitats. Now we are learning about why certain animals live in certain habitats. Why are woodlice found under rocks? Why do caterpillars like to be under leaves? Why do worms live near soil?

Please leave a comment if you can answer any of our questions!

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Year 2 have been learning all about the great fire of London! We have made art work and read poems about the fire. We know that it happened in 1666. What else can you tell us?

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Amazing weather!

Year 3’s topic this half term is all about weather. Did you know that this Halloween was the warmest on record?

Can you tell us what your favourite type of weather is and why?

We would also love to hear about any news stories about weather around the world.

Year 3

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Composer Of The Half Term


Composer of the half term

This half term’s composer is Riminsky-Korsakov.

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov was born in 1844 in Tikhvin, a village east of St. Petersburg, Russia. Though Nikolai showed a talent for music at an early age, he pursued an education at the School for Mathematical and Navigational Sciences in St. Petersburg and later joined the Imperial Russian Navy. It was not until he met Mily Balakirev in 1861 that he decided to concentrate on developing his musical skills. When Rimsky-Korsakov was not at sea, Balakirev encouraged and taught him how to compose music. It also was through Balakirev that Rimsky-Korsakov met four other composers who later became known as the The Five.

Find out more by clicking here.

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Blogging Rules

Our blog has been up and running for over a year and we have had over 31,000 hits! With so many people from all over the world visiting our site and reading our comments it’s very important that we have rules.

What do you think the most important blogging rules are?

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Happy Holidays!

What a lovely 2 week holiday it has been!  I hope you have all been doing lots of fun things and enjoying the sunshine. During the holidays I have taken my dog on lots of beautiful walks, met up with some friends and went on the steam train with my family.

I would love to know what you have all been doing. Can you tell me something you really enjoyed doing during the holiday?

Mrs Foxon

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Our Story Competition!

We have been writing rags to riches stories in 3F. During the last week of our topic we had a writing competition and we decided that the best story should go on the school blog. It was written by ZA.

Habeeb and the chocolate river!

Many many years ago there lived a grandma who had a grandson called Habeeb. Habeeb had blue eyes, brown hair and shiny teeth. He liked to wear his blue shirt,white shoes and blue trousers. One sunny day his grandma told him to sell their precious dish at the market.So he skipped and he skipped and skipped until he met a chef of a restaurant.”If you sell me your precious dish I will give you not one not two but three cups of hot chocolate !”said the chef. When Habeeb got home his grandma was really cross with him so she threw the hot chocolate out of the window and made him go to bed without any supper!

At midnight Habeeb woke to find out the hot chocolate had grown into a chocolate river. He quickly got dressed and ran outside. He found a boat so he rowed and rowed and rowed until he came to a chocolate castle. Cautiously he opened the door and crept inside. All of a sudden a mean bee appeared carrying a big box of money and gold! “What is that awful smell? Bee Bi Buzzy Bo. I Smell the blood of a human! ” shouted the mean Bee. Habeeb froze like a statue.

Fortunately the bee went to gather honey.Quickly Habeeb took the box of money and gold and rowed and rowed and rowed back home. Unfortunately the bee got back and chased him down the river. When Habeeb got to shore he called out “grandma pull the chocolate plug!”So she pulled the plug and the bee was sucked away.

Finally they were rich and happy with their new money. They bought a new house,a new car,lot’s of good food and two thrones each. They lived happily ever after!

We hope you have enjoyed reading it. What was your favourite part?



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