Blogging Rules

Our blog has been up and running for over a year and we have had over 31,000 hits! With so many people from all over the world visiting our site and reading our comments it’s very important that we have rules.

What do you think the most important blogging rules are?

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11 Responses to Blogging Rules

  1. r.h says:

    Don’t type anything personal about your self because people will know you but you won’t know them

  2. s.a says:

    Don’t write nasty things on the scool blog.

  3. I.a says:

    Do not write rude things on the school blog about people and you should not write your name and address on the blog.

  4. s.h says:

    At home if you have a laptop do not put up any imformation about your self and other people.

  5. T H says:

    Dont be rood or nasty to other people because you make them upset and sad and dont put other peopls name or adress on the school blog because your making them feel very upset.

  6. ma says:

    if you on the school blog dont write nasty tings
    and dont tell your address and namme to otther
    people and espeshaly swear words.

  7. sh says:

    On the school blog you shoud not whrite your adress or your name and dont type rude staff.

  8. a.h says:

    you should not give your persnal informatioin because they can do something to you ,you should not write rude things and you should not write mean things to the school teachers

  9. a n says:

    dont swear and dont say nasty things

  10. z.a says:

    I thinc people should stop writing rude stuf on the school blog.

  11. M.A says:

    Don’t but persnol information on the school blog.

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