Year 2 have been learning all about the great fire of London! We have made art work and read poems about the fire. We know that it happened in 1666. What else can you tell us?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The great fire of Londen started in 1666.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The fire of london stated in 1666 and we have drawn pictures of the fire of londen

  3. Mrs Whitham says:

    Year 2,
    Your art work and writing is super. Can you tell me how the fire started and the unusual name of the place it started in?
    The fire was terrible but there was one positive thing that happened afterwards. Can you remember?

  4. taha says:

    pudding lane

  5. ar says:

    the fire was so big they escaiped on boats

  6. ayan says:

    the baker started the fire.

  7. Haseeb says:

    the fire was out

  8. HA says:

    the great fire of London started in pudding lane house because the baker did not clean his oven properly

  9. haanan says:

    the fire stared in 1661

  10. imaan says:

    The fire began in pudding lane

  11. ayan says:

    the poor people couldn’t go on the boats

  12. daniyal says:

    samiul peeps had a diriy the ritin was posh

  13. muskaan says:

    in a home called pudding line.

  14. IA says:

    Soon the wind stoped.

  15. Shoaib says:

    The fire started on Pudding Lane in Thomas Farriners bakery shop.

    After the fire the houses were made out of brick instead of wood.

  16. taha says:

    people started bulding houses out of bricks.
    London was re-built.

  17. ayan says:

    the baker lived in pudding lane.

  18. ahtisham says:

    t h f a s t a t I d I p u l z t o m z h a s isicsts

  19. Anonymous says:

    The fire started in pudding lane because the baker didn’t clean his oven out propyl
    Samuel peeps wrote a dairy about the grate fire of London.
    It started in 1666 11 January.

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