2M’s Visit to St. Andrews Church.

This afternoon 2M visited St. Andrews Church.

Here are some of the pictures:

Have you ever been inside a Church? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience. When did you go? What did you see inside? How did you feel when you were inside?

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14 Responses to 2M’s Visit to St. Andrews Church.

  1. Arisha k says:

    l have been in a church befor. There are chairs that are called pews, there are stain glass windows to tell the storys that have Jesus in them and people read bibles aswell.

    • missmahmood says:

      In St. Andrews church they did have some pews, but we sat on the chairs. Some stained glass windows do have the image of Jesus. Why were the stained glass windows so special in the past?

  2. ayan says:

    At the church you can do lots different stuff like weddings take a baby when its born.

    • missmahmood says:

      Yes you can! The church can be used for different occasions such as funerals, weddings and christenings.

  3. taha says:

    we went to the church to learn more about plases of worship.

  4. shoaib says:

    Do you know a church is a different places of worship.

  5. Raheesa says:

    It was very fun visting the church

    • IM says:

      Wow raheesa that’s interesting
      did your class have a great time?

    • Hansah2m says:

      I went to the church l St year and I knew lots about the church even more than you lot. On Sunday the bell would ring because it was a special day. There was a font were baby’s were born and there put cold water with a cross on their head. There was lots of pews. The picture was made out of glass and had pictures of Jesus. In the church there was a big cross and a huge book called bible. It’s a place about worship.

  6. hayyan says:

    2m vistid st. Andrews church and if you want to now all about it read my comment
    and soon you will now all about my trip st. andrews church

  7. hayyan says:

    a church is just like a mosque you go to worship god

  8. haanan says:

    at the church you can look in fonts

  9. hayyan says:

    in the font I thought there was all water but there was not it was full with shells and there was a white dish with water inside

  10. hayyan says:

    the church was realy big and tall

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