Amazing Aspirations!

In year 3 we are researching and thinking about people that have had great dreams and have made them come true.  So far in class we have read about famous people such as Martin Luther King, J.K Rowling, Jessica Ennis, David Beckham and Mother Teresa. All these people had amazing aspirations and have achieved great things.

Can you think of anybody that has worked hard and achieved their dream?

Mrs Foxon


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2S’s exciting trip

We have been on an exciting adventure! Year 2 would like to tell you more.

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2S go on a trip!

A very exciting event has happened in year 2! We would like to tell you about our very exciting trip.

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Safer Internet Day 2014

Tuesday 11th February is Safer Internet Day. To celebrate we will be thinking about ways to stay safe online. There will be some competitions, games and activities for you to complete in class.
Why do you think it’s important to stay safe online? What advice would you give to others about staying safe? How could we make the internet a better and safer place?

I will use all your great answers for our E-Safety Display.

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Year 2 visit the church!

Last Friday afternoon 2M went to the church. Read the comments to find out about their trip!


St Andrews Church

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The Winter Olympics!

The Winter Olympics are going to start soon at the beginning of February in Russia.  My favourite thing to watch on television is the snowboarding. Can you think of any other sports that are going to be in the Winter Olympics?

Mrs Foxon

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Year three come to read

Today we read stories with the year 3 children. Some children went to visit 3F and some children stayed in 2S. In some of the stories people were arrested for stealing things, it was very exciting! Year 3 read their stories beautifully and some children from 2S read their quest stories.

We hope that we can read together again soon.

Thank you year 3!


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Going for goals!

Our theme this half term is going for goals! We would like to know what you would like to be when you are older and why. For example, do you want to be a doctor? We would love to know so please have a think and write a comment.

Mrs Foxon and Miss Best

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Year 3 London bus trip!

Year 3 have just been on a fantastic trip to Haworth, Stanbury and Oxenhope on an old London bus. During the journey they had to follow a map and look out for things on the way. At the end of the trip they were dropped off in town and had to find their way back using a map. Luckily nobody got lost! It was a brilliant afternoon.

Can you share what you saw on the trip or anything that you learnt?

Mrs Foxon and Miss Best


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We have been blogging for two years now and we have had over 25,000 hits!
How would you persuade another school that blogging is a good idea? Why do we do it? What do you like about blogging? What rules do we need to follow?

The best answers will be used as part of a new blogging display!

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