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2M’s Visit to St. Andrews Church.

This afternoon 2M visited St. Andrews Church. Here are some of the pictures: Have you ever been inside a Church? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience. When did you go? What did you see inside? How did … Continue reading

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2M had a very exciting task this afternoon! We had to make new homes for some worms. Here is a picture of one of the wormerys that we made: Do you want to know how we did it? Read these … Continue reading

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Animal Spotting!

On Tuesday, all of year 2 visited Cliffe Castle Park. We were on the lookout for animals in the park. Take a look at our pictures. Can you name these animals? What other animals do you think might live in … Continue reading

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Year 2!

Year 2 have been extrememly busy ever since our first day in September. From fruit tasting, seed planting and puppet making… we’ve had no time for rest! Look at these amazing glove puppets. Can you work out which animals they … Continue reading

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The Great Fire Of London

The children in year 2 have been finding out about ‘The Great Fire of London’. We would love it if anybody could share anything they know about this famous event!  

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Owl Babies

In year 2 we have been reading the story Owl Babies! It is a story about 3 baby owls who wake up one night to find their mother gone! The Baby Owls think ‘Maybe she’s gone hunting or maybe she’s … Continue reading

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