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Year 5 trip to Magna!

Year 5 have just been on an amazing trip to Magna adventure museum to learn all about our new topic extreme earth.

Year 5 challenge: What did you learn at Magna? How was it linked to our new topic? Did you enjoy your visit?

Year 5’s trip to Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest on PhotoPeach <iframe width=”445″ height=”296″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

On Wednesday 27th November 2013, year 5 went on a trip to Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. We were greeted by a very tall man called Keith who was dressed up as Little John, one of Robin Hood’s closest friends. He spent the day showing us around Sherwood Forest and took us to see the major oak. An ancient tree that has been there since medieval times! Here are some of our favourite memories from our trip .



Calling all 5DH bloggers …

Hello 5DH!

As you are all experts in Robin Hood, I thought you could write some facts that you know about him to help the other children understand a little bit more about our topic. Remember, the more interesting information you write, the more chances you get. Extra chances for children who use the correct punctuation! 🙂

Robin Hood


Some of you have been curious about the legend of Robin Hood. So I challenge you history detectives to find out the how the famous Robin Hood died?


Question of the Week…


Here is this week’s Question of the Week…


WHAT ARE SATURN’S RINGS MADE OF?  Leave your answers below.

Calling all year 5 earthlings ….

Miss Mulholland and Miss Qadeer are undecided about whether or not aliens exist. Please help by leaving your thoughts below …