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3ML’s Linking School Day 3

3ML had a wonderful time when Ben Rhydding Primary School when they came to visit us! We made giant 3 dimensional models of buildings using straws. In the afternoon we went to Forest School. The mums from 3ML came too! We had a fun day! Take a look at our pictures. 🙂

3ML’s Linking Schools Day 2

3ML spent a day at Ben Rhydding Primary. We did lots of art and crafts activities and played team building games. Here is our day in pictures!

3ML’s Pirate Art Work!

We hope you enjoyed our Pirate assembly?! Here are the pictures of our art work we have done in class.

Year 3’s Easter Visit to The Church

We went to St Pauls Church in Manningham to listen to the Easter story and do Easter activities! It was a fun morning! 🙂 Have a look at our pictures.

Our Easter Visit to The Church on PhotoPeach

3ML Take Art Outdoors!

We had a fantastic afternoon at Forest School doing art work through enquiry and noticing! Take a look at our fantastic art work. 🙂

3ML’s Enquiry Art Workshop and Spring Walk!

Our Enquiry Art Workshop and Walk in the Park on PhotoPeach

3ML meet Year 3 Ben Rhydding Primary!

Linking Schools 2014 Cartwright Hall Day on PhotoPeach

3ML are involved in an exciting project this year to work alongside children from year 3 at Ben Rhydding Primary school.

This is the day both classes met at a Culture Workshop at Cartwright Hall!

Have a look at the pictures. What did you like about the day? What was the name of your linking partner? Tell me one thing about your linking partner.

Year 3 Viking Raid!!

Vikings on PhotoPeach

Do you remember the Viking Raid? What was your favourite part of the day? How did you feel when you raided the other classroom? How did you feel when your classroom was raided? Tell me something you know about Vikings now that you didn’t know before?

3ML at Forest School

3ML have been doing some exciting activities at Forest School! Which was your favourite activity? What have you learnt that you didn’t know before?

3ML At Forest School on PhotoPeach

3DH Visit to Ben Rhydding Primary School

We had a fun time at Ben Rhydding School meeting our friends! What was your favourite part of the day?