Year 1 Rhyming Challenge!

Year 1 write as many words as you can to rhyme with….






Question of the week

If you could be any animal what would it be? Why?

Question of the week!

If you could make a rainbow. What colours would it be? Why?

Year 2 have had some creepy crawly visitors

On Monday morning, a minibeast specialist came in to school and brought some creepy crawlies with her.

All the children in our Year 2 had an opportunity to find out about AND handle some amazing minibeasts.

We have seen a giant African snail, a hissing cockroach from Madagascar,a shiny massive millipede from the Amazon and a real life hairy tarantula.

Year 1, making healthy choices.

This half term, we have been reading lots of books by Vivien French. The books revolve around the character Oliver, who is not fond of eating healthy food. Year 1, are now on a mission, to find out what type of food are healthy and which are unhealthy. We will be using some of the fruit from the stories to make fruit salad and maybe even some delicious smoothies.

Stay tuned for the photographs!

3ML meet Year 3 Ben Rhydding Primary!

Linking Schools 2014 Cartwright Hall Day on PhotoPeach

3ML are involved in an exciting project this year to work alongside children from year 3 at Ben Rhydding Primary school.

This is the day both classes met at a Culture Workshop at Cartwright Hall!

Have a look at the pictures. What did you like about the day? What was the name of your linking partner? Tell me one thing about your linking partner.


In Year 3 we are learning about Pirates!!! What do you already know about pirates? please leave your comments!

Year 3 Viking Raid!!

Vikings on PhotoPeach

Do you remember the Viking Raid? What was your favourite part of the day? How did you feel when you raided the other classroom? How did you feel when your classroom was raided? Tell me something you know about Vikings now that you didn’t know before?

Year 5’s trip to Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest on PhotoPeach <iframe width=”445″ height=”296″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

On Wednesday 27th November 2013, year 5 went on a trip to Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. We were greeted by a very tall man called Keith who was dressed up as Little John, one of Robin Hood’s closest friends. He spent the day showing us around Sherwood Forest and took us to see the major oak. An ancient tree that has been there since medieval times! Here are some of our favourite memories from our trip .



500 word challenge

Can you  write a story in just 500 words?

Would you like to win your height in books?

Follow the link below to find out how