This page contains and variety of useful documents that can be used in the classroom. Please note that the films previously here have been moved to the Films for the classroom page.

Click here to access The Screen Online page about different camera shots, camera movement and camera angles.

Click here to download a ‘Spot the shots’ Smartboard file for The Girl and the Fox. ¬†Click here to download a ‘Spot the shots’ Powerpoint file for this film

Click here to download the Smartboard ‘Spot the shots’ file for the film In a Heartbeat

Vintagio iPod touch /iPad app for creating silent movies

iMovie iPod /iPad app for video shooting, editing and uploading Site for downloading copyright free music. You can search by mood or genre.

French camera movement example video

Mark Reid’s BFI blog

8 and a half Not for profit organisation spreading the word about World Cinema. Lots of suggestions of films to use.

Writing Ladders Media Lit PowerPoint

A guide to using iMovie. Please note that this guide needs updating as it is for iOS7 version of iMovie.

Sentence filming


Girl and the Fox SPAG Test

From Dad to Son SPAG test


Sentence Level Filming Connectives

Key Stage One Sentence Filming

Sentence Filming Modal Verbs


Useful sentence stems for writing camera shots.


Comparing Storyboard to the finished film. Online tool for downloading videos from sites such as Youtube. Please check the copyright information for each video before downloading. Can be used for saving the audio from online videos. Please check copyright details for each films before use.

Trading Card Maker Use this site to create trading cards of your characters. Click here to see a link to a lesson that used this strategy.

Blank Case study

Blank Shot Discussion Builder This template has drop down lists of questions you can add to your own screenshots. You can see an example of how it was used below.


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