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How To Blog Safely…

A blog can be very exciting, it allows people from all over the world to read our work and make comments. We need to remember to follow a few simple rules to stay safe and to get the most out of our blog.

  • Children are to only use their first name when commenting.
  • Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their child. Or post comments as “Harry’s Mum” or “Megan’s Grandfather”.
  • All posts will be checked by school staff before they are published to the blog.
  • All comments are moderated by school staff before they appear on the blog.
  • Always be respectful for other people’s work – be positive if you are going to comment.
  • No text talk – write in full sentences and read your comments back carefully before submitting.

These rules should help to make the blog a safe and exciting home for our work.

Click on the picture above to go to the ThinkYouKnow website and meet Hector, Lee and Kim and play a whole host of e safety games with information about how to stay safe online for children, parents and teachers including where to go if you need help.


Year 4 Ingleborough Hall Residential

Children in year 4 had a fabulous time at Ingleborough Hall recently. Read the rest of this entry »

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Today marks the end of our Arts Week in school and what a week it has been! There have been so many standout moments that I hope we will be able to showcase on here over the coming weeks through the contributions from the children. Staff and children alike have been immersed in The Arts and everyone has benefitted from this approach with some great individual and collaborative performances and creations.

I hope you enjoyed the afternoon in school if you were able to attend – some of the work and performances will be part of the Millenium Green Fete on 15th July so if you did miss anything you will have a chance to see a selection of what was happening in school.

I think everyone will enjoy a well earned rest this weekend – let’s hope the weather holds!

Mr Parkin


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I can hardly believe we are starting the final term of the year – a term that is often filled with mixed emotions from children and parents. Moving to a new year group always creates excitement within the classes mixed with a little apprehension about starting the next year one year older. The Year 6 children will of course be moving on to High School and for everyone it is a time to remember and reflect on the previous year, and years, and then make plans for the future. There are many events planned for the final half term of the year which will be updated on the website calendar and have been sent out on a newsletter already (also available on the website).

As we come to the end of the first week I would like to say thank you to the whole school community for the work that has taken place this year – I started the year talking about a strength of purpose and clarity of vision for the school which would hold people together through times of change. As we approach the end of the year and look towards September this still holds true, although now that same strength of purpose will drive us forwards.

I also asked about communication earlier in the year and you responded  – more information on new ways of interacting with the school will be coming your way soon so we can be ready to hit the ground running from September.

The feedback on school reports was useful and has enabled us to improve (I hope!) the format by which we tell you about your child’s year in school. We are using a new assessment tracking system this year so are unable to print reports in the same manner as previously. The overwhelming feeling from the parent responses was that you wanted to hear more about your child, the whole curriculum and their particular strengths and achievemnets and that while performance against national expectations for reading, writing and maths was expected this should be discussed in terms of targets and next steps during the year so it can be acted upon together rather than form the bulk of the end of year report. Teachers are currently working hard on the new format to complete them ready to send out later this half term.

I hope the resulting reports meet your expectations and, of course, we are always open to feedback.

Mr Parkin


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Year 3 Blog

Haiku Poems, Skeletons and more! Read the rest of this entry »


Year 4 – Digestive System

This week children in year 4 class have been learning all about the digestive system. Read the rest of this entry »



Hello – My apologies for not blogging for the last couple of weeks, time in school seems to have taken on a new meaning! I could not help but blog this week to mention how fantastic our Year 6 children have been throughout their end of Key Stage Statutory Assessments. The hard work and application of the children was fantastic and regardless of the numbers and scores that come back they can proudly say they gave their all, which is all we can ask of them. Thank you to parents and carers also for helping us foster the ‘relaxed but focussed’ approach which has served them so well.

I’ve attached a copy of the key dates newsletter below  and I’ve also got one update on the app/communication issue.

I am aware that we consulted on this earlier in the year and the results were in favour of an electronic method, alongside a paper option, not just of communication but also to allow a streamlining of certain things such as payments and letters. I am talking to a couple of providers but the contracts are tied in with other services we already take out so the timing means this will likely be something introduced either at the end of this academic year or the beginning of the next.

The wheels are turning but only slowly!  Read the rest of this entry »

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Year 3 – Another busy week

Following on from our Predator visit to Into the Wild, the children have been creating their own predator fact books.  Some of the children also wanted to tell you about what they have been doing in maths. Read the rest of this entry »


Year 5 Residential to Bridlington and The Deep

This week we joined two other schools in our Academy Trust for a visit to Bridlington and a sleepover at The Deep. It was a fantastic opportunity for learning and making new friends.

Read on to find out what our year 5 children thought… Read the rest of this entry »


Year 3 – Into The Wild!

As part of their work on Predators this week the children went into the wild!  They met and learnt about lots of different creatures. Here they tell you more… Read the rest of this entry »



It was lovely to see everyone in church this morning for our Easter Service. The children, as ever, were in good voice and the readers showed great composure to read their verses telling the story of Easter to such a large audience. Over Easter at church there is a craft morning on Monday 10th April starting at 10:30 and all children are welcome and invited.

Read the rest of this entry »

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