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Year 4 Ingleborough Hall Residential

on July 13, 2017

Children in year 4 had a fabulous time at Ingleborough Hall recently.

I really enjoyed Ingelborough Hall and all the activities we did

My favourite was definitely gorge scrambling.

My best night activity was country dancing even though we had to dance with all the girls we all had a good laugh.

On the first night we had a campfire.

We toasted marshmallows and made a sandwich with biscuits

By Charlie


On the first night we had a camp fire.

We roasted marshmallows and put them on a chocolate digestive biscuit and ate it all together.



My favourite task was gorge scrambling

Because I got to climb up mini water

Falls and get soaked.




At ingleborough  hall we went caving with ollie I got soaked . in the cave we went down a slide and got wet at the bottom .







At school we went on a school trip, Ingleborough, we did five activities Gorge Scrambling, Caving, The Norba Walk, Country Dancing and Campfire. My favourite was Gorge Scrambling, we were climbing up an old gorge that was abandoned a long time ago but still had water flowing down at rapid paces. 

 My 2nd favourite activity is caving and when we were in the cave I got squashed by Otis.

By Jake.


At school, we went on a school trip. The place we went to was called Ingleborough. We went caving, gorge scrambling and we also went on a really long 5 mile walk. First, we went on the five mile walk where we had to walk through a village and fields. Luckily we didn’t get chased by cows like the other group did. When we were walking we saw a lot of sheep and cows we also saw a dead sheep with loads of flies around it. When we were walking we had some pictures we had to find in real life. We had to find a boulder but we couldn’t find it because they were loads of big rocks. But when we saw it on a mountain the teacher said we have to climb it. When we got to the top of the mountain me and my friends needed the toilet, so we went behind the boulder.

Then at the evening we had a campfire were we toasted marshmallow’s they were really nice!

The next day after breakfast me and my group went gorge scrambling were we had to climb up this really high place with all the midges around us. When we climbed up all the high places as a challenge we had to walk through a really fast river.


Later that day we went caving were we had to crawl to get past the start and the end. They were challenges all way through the caves like the sandwich press and some others. When we came out one cave we went into another which had really high water up to my knees.

Here is a picture of caving.


The next day after breakfast we walked up to the show cave which was about a mile away. At the show cave they were a gift shop and a huge cave. In the cave they were stones that looked like witch’s fingers and the queen’s bloomers. The guide was really creepy because she kept on saying that alligators were down in the cave and at the end everyone kept on saying a person was buried there.

When we got back we had lunch and then the coach turned up to take us back to school. When we all got back to school everyone was excited and upset to go home because they all wanted to go back again. Me and my friends were upset because we wanted to go back but some people didn’t.

By Noah


On Tuesday the 27th of June. We went into the outdoor classroom in the evening for country dancing. 


This is what we looked like for the dance




First we had to sit in a circle while the dancing instructor told us what we are doing.

By Olivia


last Monday we went to ingleborough when we arrived we went to get our kit. After that we got shown our rooms I was in Norba. The people in my room were Jake, Harry, Noah, Jacob, Ethan and Brandon.

Our first activity was caving with my group. We went to the cave in a mini bus. We walked to the first cave that had different activates to do inside it one of them was sliding into really cold water.





Our last activity was gorge scrambling. We had to climb up an old waterfall. When we climb the waterfall the rocks. They were so slippery. When I touched the grass they was loads of thistles and I got stung million times.  Otis



8 Responses to “Year 4 Ingleborough Hall Residential”

  1. Noah says:

    My favourite part was caving!

  2. Alexia says:

    That was amazing

  3. Noah and Otis says:

    Yes it was really fun in the cave and you will probably enjoy it too!

  4. SAMI says:

    It was so so fun you wouldn’t want to go and the walk was so l o n g but fun!

  5. Noah says:

    It was really fun and exciting when we went into the caves, The walk was a totally new thing though, it was five miles and it felt like we was walking for three hours. I think you will really enjoy Ingleborough and find it exciting for you and your teachers.

  6. Archie says:

    Yay it was a little scary at first but then got better and the best bit is the caving

  7. Elora says:

    I hope I enjoy it!

  8. Amy says:

    I’m going to Ingleborough this year!

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