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Elterwater Day 2

on September 21, 2017

Today has been split between walking and Gill Scrambling – look away if you are of a nervous disposition!

There are opportunities for low level walks that still have expansive views of the Lake District direct from the front door of the hostel.














Then it’s off to Stickle Gill with Climb 365 instructors who always provide the children with a fun and challenging course up the Gill.

Today it was overflowing after overnight rain and the power of the water really was a sight to behold. The children enjoyed a gentle introduction in the lower sections before attempting to climb the waterfall half way up. I think the pictures speak for themselves!







This evening we go out after tea and look for bats – at dusk next to the river we are often treated to a real show. The rain was heavy this morning but during the day it has gradually brightened and if it holds off then there sure to be plenty of insects in the air for the bats to catch.

13 Responses to “Elterwater Day 2”

  1. Debi says:

    Oh my goodness is that you throwing yourself in the white waters Tom? Good lad!! It looks ace- mum wants a turn!!

  2. Debi Wilkie says:

    Oh my goodness is that you throwing yourself into the white waters Tom?
    It looks ace- your mum wants a turn too x

  3. Jemma Hawksworth says:

    Looks like your all having fun. Well done year 6. X

  4. Hazel Richmond says:

    Wow that looks amazing wish I could join you all.
    Hope your ok Thomas and the rest of class 6. Have fun can’t wait to hear all about it tomorrow xx

  5. Janine says:

    Glad someone put your hair up Lucy b and you got your coat on. Hope you had a lovely day. Mum xx

  6. Justine Thackray says:

    Hope you are all having a wonderful time. It definitely looks fun. Tyler’s mum

  7. Mia says:

    Elter water was so fun I can’t wait to go on other super residential trips

  8. elliot and jack says:

    that water fall looks amazing

  9. Anonymous says:

    wow looks good

  10. molly and lucy says:

    we thought it was amazing

  11. Eddie and ethan says:

    the water fall looks really fun

  12. archie says:

    Looks like you had a good time.

  13. Matthew says:

    It was so fun at Elter water I stand up with Oliver all

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