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Year 4 Blog – The Year Ahead

on September 27, 2017

It’s been a busy start to year 4.  Here are some of the things we have enjoyed so far and what we are looking forward to in the year ahead.

I am looking forward to learning about Vikings in our topic

Raiders and Traders. I enjoyed roman numerals and our Saxon shore forts work. In science I loved melting ice.  

by Amy


Lillie and Sophie are looking forward to Spanish and Ingleborough Hall because we have never been to it and never done Spanish. Sophie is excited to do P.E. Lillie is looking forward to writing about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and learning about Vikings. When we dress up me and Lillie one will be an ump a lump a one is Veruca Salt. Me and Sophie are looking forward for the book fair and learning about Roman Numerals. We like the daily mile because I love to run and jog. In Ingleborough we would like to do caving, Gorge scrambling and roasting marshmallows we are also looking forward to math, computing and English. Sophie is looking forward to do some Adventures in Inglebough and so I’m I.  In P.E. we’re looking forward to do Gymnastics and rounders. by Lillie and Sophie


I liked making the castles when we got to paint them, I did it grey. This school has been fun what I really like is coming to school and spending time with my teachers miss auty and miss dawson and all the teachers in the school and my friends. I love it  so much!



I enjoyed doing Big Maths, Daily Mile, PE and GPS. I enjoyed doing Spanish like Naranja, Azul, Blanco, Amarillo, Marron, Rosa, Gris, Verde, Negro, Violeta, and rojo. {Ethan}


I am enjoying waiting until Ingleborough.  I am enjoying our spelling lessons at 1:15. I am enjoying our computer lessons. I am enjoying English. I enjoyed P.E because we did some fun games. I have enjoyed doing Spanish colours my favourite colour is red in Spanish it is rojo. This year I have enjoyed maths. My favourite thing we have done was when we did are roman Numerals.{Eddie}


This year in year four I am most looking forward to ingleborough  hall but the bad thing is its wright at the end of the year! Mr parkin says we will be doing the daily mile and I love running so I’m very happy.  I’m also looking forward to learning more about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  we are reading the book in class  I’ve  enjoyed the story so far but  I want to get to the end.

Today 11.14.17 its been Roald dahl day and I’m Amanda thryp. we also had the book fair today and chose a book.

So far this year I have enjoyed maths . in maths we have been learning about roman numerals. I’ve really enjoyed it because it is very confusing but fun at the same time.

by Myla


We  are  looking forward to go to Ingle borough .  We  are  looking forward  to gorge  scrambling. We   are lucking forward  to more big maths .  And we are lucking forward to the dally mile  because we can

Go rally fast.

We enjoyed making models of saxon forts, we painted them grey and we are going to make it look like bricks.

Jayden and Daniel


So far, we have enjoyed Spanish because are class haven’t learnt about it before. We have also learnt about Roman Numerals in maths and fifty is l, ten is x and thousand is m. We have also learnt English and were learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have also have enjoyed the daily mile because it keeps us active, fit and healthy. I also enjoyed P.E because were doing fun games. We have also enjoyed building the Saxon shore forts, we painted them dark grey then white dots as the bricks. We also have been practising the lockdown to keep us safe. We all love computing because were doing a year ahead blog. We’re doing spelling, math and English. In science were testing if a liquid can turn into a solid and if a liquid can turn into a gas we also went up into the staff room and did an experiment to see if ice can turn into water on a hot stove. Our school value is respect.

By Lillie and Ella


So far, I have enjoyed p.e. because we are playing fun games like toilet tag and some other things. Spelling was fun although it is hard work. I also like big maths because we learn a lot of stuff like counting in six, seven, eight and nine.  I like Spanish because we played a Spanish colour game. Computer is fun because we type some things about school to go on the school blog. I love spellings because we are looking at practice our spellings.  We also practise a thing called the lockdown we sit against a wall and hide under tables it was a bit scary at first, it felt weird but now weve done it i feel safer. In maths we are rounding. In English we are writing about charley and the chocolate factory and how we would feel if we found a golden ticket.  In science we were learning about gas, liquid and solid. We watched ice cubes melt and then miss auty took some pictures then we stuck the pictures in and rite what happened. Sophie colley


So far I have enjoyed maths. because we have been doing roman numerals and its writing in a different way than modern ways.

So far I have enjoyed Spanish because I didn’t know loads of colours and through the Spanish lessons I know now 10 colours. I have enjoyed DT because I and my friends have done a Saxon shore fort.

By Joshua and Maciek


18 Responses to “Year 4 Blog – The Year Ahead”

  1. Eli says:

    Do not be scared of ingleborough hall I think you will rely rely enjoy it.

  2. Aaron says:

    Ingleborugh is very fun you will enjoy it.

  3. ethan and ella says:

    Inglbrough is a good place

  4. charlotte says:

    Ingleborough is a fascinating experience. You will love it! We went gorge scrambling, caving & on the Norber walk! My favourate part was caving!

  5. brandon says:

    Ingleborough is so fun you will have so much fun make sure you dont go down the slide head first in the cave!

  6. Archie and Harry says:

    Dont be scared because you will have lots of fun, Also dont be worried when you get water inyour shoes.

  7. jake says:

    Caving is amazing

  8. Eleanor and Olivia says:

    I loved reading your blogs. Don’t be scared about Ingleborough Hall because its really fun.

  9. Brandon says:

    Make sure you have fun!

  10. Charlie says:

    I really liked year 4 and all the things we did i hope you all do too.

  11. Phoebe and Maisie says:

    It was so much fun i didn’t wont to go home! Phoebe and Maisie

  12. lilli and samuel says:

    To Lillie and Sophie ingleborough hall is very fun i hope you enjoy it.it was so fun we didnt want to go home.I hope you enjoy the rest of year 4.

  13. Evie says:

    I hope I like it!

  14. george says:

    I can’t wait to go to Engleborough hall

  15. Elora says:

    I’m looking forward to going to inglebroughall as well Sophie.

  16. jake says:

    ingleborough is absolutely amazing

  17. brandon says:

    it is so fun you will enjoy it at ingleborough

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