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Year 5 – Scream Machine

on February 23, 2018

Our topic this term is Scream Machine.  We’ve started to look at forces in Science and we’re busy creating shape poems.  We’ve lots of questions we’d like answering, here are our thoughts…

This half term we are learning about scream machine and roller coasters. Recently we have done a debate on whether theme parks should only be allowed for adults or both children and adults. Jack

Scream machine is a super topic. It is fascinating how roller coasters work! Jake

In year 5 (Romans) we are looking at a topic called scream machine and in this topic we are writing poems about roller coasters that would make you scream. Our poems were concrete poems so they didn’t have to rhyme, all of us had to do at least 2 paragraphs and small sections of the poem here’s an example:

Moving like a sloth,

As slow as can be,

Clattering slowly along the tracks,

Excited for the drop,




Down and down,






Getting to a scary loop,

I close my eyes tight,

Looping and Looping.



Upside Down,

Feeling green,

Heart in Mouth,

The Ride Stops,


We also did a debate about if adults should be only allowed in theme parks or children and adults. We had judges that had sheets and they tally charted and the Against team won! (The team who thought adults should be allowed with children.)   Noah


This week we are writing poems about what it is like to go on a roller coaster. Jacob

Our new topic is Scream Machine. We are writing a poem in the shape a ride or a roller coaster. We also got to draw our own roller coaster. Archie

So far we have written a concrete poem about a roller coaster, which doesn’t have to rhyme, so we put it in the shape of a roller coaster that we designed before we wrote our own poems. Once we finish our poems we are going to write them nice and neat then put them in the shape of a roller coster. Ella

This week we have been starting to learn about scream machine so far we have designed a roller-coaster and we have made a poem in the shape of a roller-coaster. We are all very excited about this term and I can’t wait to learn about how they work. By Lilli

Our Topic is scream machine and have been designing our own roller coaster ride. We are writing a poem about them some are still finishing the spider graph. Sami

i enjoyed our debate. George

We have been learning about a scream machine in class. We made our own rides and we are going to write poems in the rides. We had a debate about if theme parks should only allow adults or not. Phoebe

This half term we are thinking about scream machine. We have designing our own roller coaster and we did a spider diagram to plan a poem. I am looking forwards to see the fast roller coasters. We have also been looking at the forces involved in roller coasters. Lola

We have done a poem and we are going to make it into a roller-coaster. Also, we have drawn a roller-coaster . Isaac




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  1. Eli says:

    Wow ! ✍️ poems in the shape of fun!

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