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Year 4 – 1066

on May 2, 2018

A new term and another new topic! This time it’s 1066.  We’re excited to learn all about this time in British history.

We have been learning about the battle of Hastings in 1066.

In the year 1066 in January Edward the Confessor dies. Before he dies, he gave Harold Godwinson the crown! Harold was crowned at Westminster Abbey. All the people that were there were looking up and saw the Halley’s Comet which meant bad luck. William, Duke of Normandy, Harold Hardrada and Edgar the Atheling wanted to be king.  By Evie


Our topic this term is 1066 and this is how much I already know ….

…. In January 1066, the king Edward the confessor died. The people had decided on the new king because when the king or queen died it didn’t go straight to the next in line. Harold was crowned king at Westminster Abbey. A Halley’s Comet flew through the sky. All of the people that were at the coronation were looking in his direction but their eyes were fixed on the halleys comet that was streaming across the sky. By Elora


In 1066 January, Edward the confessor passes away. Before he died, he gave the crown to a man called, Harold Godwinson. Harold was crowned, king of England, at Westminster Abbey. While the celebration, everybody, expect Harold, looked up in the air instead of him. There was a Halley’s comet, which meant bad look. There was 3 other men who wanted to be king of England. They all had a battle. The man who won was called, William, Duke of Normandy.  By Maisy.


Our new topic is 1066!  We started to learn about Harold, the heir to the throne when Edward  the confessor died.  We also learnt about the three challengers who wanted to be king.  One was Harald  hadrada the 2nd was William, duke of Normandy and the final one was Edgar the Atheling. Harold was crowned in Westminster Abby but Haley’s comet passed overhead and it was a bad oath.  Edgar gave up instantly while Harold defeated Harald Hadrada and his brother at the battle of Stamford Bridge!  While all of that was  happening, William duke of Normandy    had had a blessing from the pope, got all the barons power and if he won he would give them money and a fair bit of land.  2 days after the battle of Stamford bridge, William duke of Normandy turned up at the east of England with 15,000 well trained and fully armed soldiers in 700 ships.  They started pillaging and destroying to make Harold Godwinson come and battle.  Harold gathered 5,000 poor soldiers and marched all the way.  Harold’s tired army made a good shield until they lost focus and Harold got shot in the eye and died.  William duke of Normandy got coroneted on 25th December 1066 and we now call him William the conquer.   Then William gave the barons there land.                    By George.


Our topic is 1066 and we are focusing on the battle of Hastings. I know….. Before the battle the king of England, Edward, died. He promised Harold Godwinson would be king next. Then, Harold was crowned at Westminister Abby. William heard this news and marched to battle. Harold joined the war. The battle was tough but William won and concerned England.  Clara


In January, 1066 the Battle of Hastings began. King Edward, the English King was dying so he need to chose a new King called Harold Godwinson. He got crowned at Westminster Abbey. William, the Duke of Normandy wanted to be King of England but he needed the support of the important people. He got the blessing of the pope. That day William went round his land to tell everybody to be in his army, so he could be crowned King. So of William went to tell everybody to be in his army. In May 1066 Toting Invaded England so he could be crowned King. William watched and waited until could Invade England. But before he could make his Invasion he needed to make shore he had support.

In September 1066 William and 700 ships Invaded England and the war began. William and his army had shields, armed Armour, guns and swords but England had poor people who only had shields. In October 14th 1066 Harold came to Hastings and William heard the news and followed him.  The assorted army of England had to fight 15,000 soldiers.       By Lillie and Poppy.


As you might know from the introduction of this term our topic is 1066 so were going to tell half of the story you about the battle of hasting.  January 1066 Edward the confessor  Died of old age and Harold Godwinson is crowed Westminster Abbey.  Later on the people saw Halley’s Comet And new it was a bad owman  (A sign of bad look)  later on Harold Godwinson Is found dead. Then the king William heard and Decided he wanted to be king of England as well So king William of Normandy Went round to important people  To ask if they’d join his army William then asked for the pope To bless him with what they  Believed. This is the end of half the story the battle of Hastings 1066.  By Archie and Myla


In our class, we’ve been learning about 1066 and the Battle of Hastings.   Dante

The battle of Hastings was started when Edward the confessor died he chose Harold Godwinson to be king but other people didn’t agree. Harold was in a battle in 1066 and waits for his move until an arrow charge right in the eye and fell down, the solider thought he was dead but it turns out he was not, and then they ran away.  By Jacob and Farrish


In class, we have being learning about the battle of Hastings. The battle took place in 1066 Hastings. It was one of the biggest battles in English history! Matthew


We have been learning about the battle of Hastings and here Is what I know. On January 1066 Edward the confessor died and gave the throne to Harold Godwinson. The next day Harold was crowned king of England on Westminster abbey. William (duke of Normandy) wanted to be king of England himself. So he went to the pope and asked for his blessing so that he could say he had god on his side. William gathered 15000 (enough men to fill 700 ships) men that have been well trained and well equipped for the battle. And if William was successful every one of those men would get a load of money and o load of land. Normandy was 15000 well equipped and strong soldiers large and England was 5000 weak untrained farmers who were weak and would get nothing in return. William (duke of Normandy) won the battle of Hastings and they called him William the conquer and the 1st English king even though he came from France.  Maciek


Our topic this term is 1066 and we have learnt quite a lot already. Here are some of the things we have learnt..

  • In January 1066 King Edward the Confessor dies.
  • He said that he wanted the next king to be Harold Godwinson.
  • Harold got crowned at Westminster Abbey, where most English royalty are crowned.
  • William, Duke of Normandy wanted to invade England.
  • In 1066, the Battle of Hastings.

By Ella-Louise and Sian Elizabeth


In January, 1066 king Edward the English king was dying so he chose a new king called Harold Godwinson. Harold Godwinson got crowned at Westminster abbey. William duke of Normandy wanted to be king of England to. He needed some backup if he was going to invade England. William went all around his country to find an army. May 1066 Harold’s brother wanted to be on Harold’s side. September 1066 William duke of Normandy  and his 700 ships going to invade England from France. In October 1066 Harold came to Hastings and William herd the news and followed him. The exhausted army of England had to fight 15000 soldiers. The people were shocked that William dyed. Then Harold took of his hat and made a really big fuss about it. William came out of no were and shot Harold’s Godwinson in eye with an arrow. On Christmas day William became king of England and he stayed king for a long time.    By Sophie and Sophia


In January 1066 the king of England Edward the confessor died. Harold Godwinson was crowned king at Westminster abbey. William the duke of Normandy wanted to be king so asked the pope for God’s blessing so that people would believe that he was on god side. Then there was the battle of Stanford bridge between Harold Hardrada and tostig Godwinson vs Harold Godwinson. Then William came and invaded England in the battle of Hastings. William won and became king.  Eddie and Alex


In January 1066 the king Edward the confessor died so there was going to be a new king. William  the Duke of Normandy wanted to be king, Harold Hardrada  wanted to and Edgar the Atheling wanted to do it to. William had a fight with Harold he just had normal people and all of Harold’s army died but Williams army survived so William got crowned the king. By Daniel.

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