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Year 5 – Pharaohs

on May 25, 2018







In class we’ve been making canopic jars, mummies and scrolls, read on to find out more…


Canopic jars and cat mummies!

In year 5 we have been creating Canopic jars out of paper Mache these are 2 of them we have made: a gold fox and a colourful bear! We like are Canopic jars because they are very unique.


In year 5 we have also been making cat mummies out of cardboard and we folded the top of the tube in to act as pointy ears.

by Eleanor and Niamh


This week and last week in art we have  been making  canopic jars out of paper mache .

Canopic   jars  are what embalmers put the organs of mummies in and they have heads of animals these animals are a jackal ,falcon ,baboon and a human.

The actual jar is a plastic cup wrapped in paper mache the head of the jar is a ball of paper mache.

Also we have been making cat mummies because Egyptians mummified cats for some reason. These were made out of cardboard tubes,  pushed inwards at the top, to  look like  ears and were painted gold or silver. By Aaron


In class this week we made Canopic jars using a cup and a paper Mache ball then painted it. We had a choice of making a pharaoh, a jackal, a falcon or a baboon.

Archie chose a pharaoh and Olivia chose a jackal.


We also made scrolls out of kitchen roll tubes, paper and paint. Archie & Olivia




We are blogging about Canopic jars and we got a plastic cup and put 4 layers of paper Mache it took about 20 minutes to paper Mache the whole cup. After that we got a piece of newspaper and scrunched up the newspaper and then we put newspaper over the top of it and then  we had to put warm glue over the top of it and it made it stick to it. Once you did that you left it to dry then the next day we painted them and most of them were gold silver and blue.

About mummified cats

We got a toilet tubes and folded the top of them and then it made them look like cat ears and then we painted them. Most people painted them gold because if they were gold you were more likely to be rich because the pharaohs were rich so they had allot of gold. They also put them in gold and mummified them to show that they had respect for their animals and they kept them in their houses (temples).


We got kitchen roll tubes and then we got a piece of paper and then we put the tube on the paper and then we drew a circle over the paper and then we cut the circle out and we drew a circle in the middle and then we put the tube in the line then cut lines all through them. Then you got the glue and then folded the flaps and then we painted them what ever colour you wanted most people wanted hieroglyphics on their scroll so I put allot of hieroglyphics on it then you put a piece of paper inside it and before you put it in the scroll you a piece of string around the paper and tie it and then you put the paper in the scroll. Brandon & Otis


On 16th May 2018, we made a papier-mâché Canopic Jar & toilet roll tube cat mummies (one each). To make papier-mâché Canopic Jars, you need to mix 4 cups of flour & 3 cups of water together to make the mixture, shred newspaper and stick the pieces on to a plastic cup. Wait for it to dry & then paint.  Charlotte & Ethan


At school, we have been doing art and in art we have been doing canopic jars and making cat mummies. We made the cat mummies by getting a styrofoam cup and covering it in newspaper in this sort of glue and then we left it to dry. Then we made a head of a canopic jar which could of either been a jackal which is an animal which has got long ears and a long nose like a dog. You could of also done a person, or a babboon.

Next we painted the jackal (which is what I did.) Then after we finished painting a jackal or whatever other people did. Then we moved onto doing cat mummies which were really fun because we got to squish a toilet role tube and then draw on it. After we drew on it we painted it and left it to dry for a day because the gold was like water which meant we have to leave it for ages which was really boring. After we finished painting cat mummies we moved on to scroles which were really fun because we had to wright in hieroglyphics because it was in ancient Egyptian times and they didn’t know how to write properly. After we finished writing on the scrolls we used kitchen roll tubes and we painted it to look like an old fashioned Egyptian scrolls. If we finish everything we got to do something else or make another one. Every single one of our cat mummies and canopic jars are awesome and we would love to do it again it was awesome.

By Noah Charlie & Eli.


This month in history topic is ancient Egyptians, so in art we made canopic jars, made mummified cats and drew some canopic jars.

George, Jack Harry & Jacob


In year 5, we are making Canopic jars. We have made Canopic jars, they are jars with Egyptian gods on top. How we made the Canopic jars is:

First, we Papier Mached a cup and left it to dry.

Secondly, you make a ball of newspaper and lather it in Papier Mache and add the features of the god.

Finally, you paint them then put the head on top of the painted cup.

By Jake, Lola and Isaac


In year 5 we have been making canopic jars. First we used paper mache  to cover a plastic cup for the jar. After that ,we left them to dry so we  scrunched up lots of newspaper then we put kitchen roll over the newspaper stuck it on to make  the head. Once they had dried we panted the cup and the head and we put lots of details on them to make them look fabulous .

Egyptian scrolls

In year 5 we also made Egyptian scrolls by drawing hieroglyphics’ on a sheet of paper then  we dipped them in some coffee to make them look old .While we left the scrolls to dry we got a kitchen roll tube drew some hieroglyphic’s on  painted it gold  and painted the hieroglyphics and left them to dry .When the scrolls dried we painted the hieroglyphics when everything dried we rolled up the scroll tied it up with string then put it in the tube.

By Lilli & Ella

Cat  mummies

We made cat mummies in our class. Phoebe & Grace


Here in year 5 we’ve been doing art making cat mummies. The cat mummies are made of toilet roll tube panted gold, silver or dark purple with a face in black pen. We have also been making Egyptian scrolls we drew a note in hieroglyphics an d drenched them in teabags. Thirdly we made Canopic Jars moulding and paper Mache cups and heads then painting. Sami & Samuel

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