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Year 3 End of Year Blog

on July 12, 2018

It’s been a busy year! Year 3 children have taken part in lots of different activities. Read on to find out about our favourites….


In Year 3 I enjoyed learning about Tremors. The part I liked the most was looking at the eruption of Mount Vesuvius .I also loved our Predator topic. We had a debate about which animal is the top Predator.

 I think Year 3 has been amazing!!! Yousef


I loved Greek Day because the food was amazing! Everybody came dressed as ancient Greeks. Saltaire was really good too, we went to the park . We also went to Salts Mill. At the park everyone was running around on the skate park.  I enjoyed writing poetry, here’s some of mine…

Free Verse Poetry

Fiery hills,

Tropical waters,

Smooth sands,

Towering trees,

Spicy Smoke,

Grey grounds,

Huddled houses


The rocky stone broken to death

The grumbly volcanos flash land over land

Stone statues of people past

Failed food for the hungry volcano

Purple mixture of red and black

Wavy wind blowing branches

Herds of hungry sky coming in

Lava lakes with clay mud

Sunny sky with flashy, slashy, lights

By Dominic


Urban pioneers – We did urban pioneers and when we did art of street art.  Alfie

This year I have enjoyed Greek day going to salts mill and more. At salts mill we saw lots of pictures and drew them our selves.  Near the start of year 3 we had a Greek Day . Evreyone dressed up in togas and we had a Greek meal. Elliot


In year 3 we also went to Salts mill. There were 3 floors. On the first floor there was a library we sat down and read some books. On the second floor there was Salts diner we had lunch there. On the third floor there was some old fashioned clothes and sofas and chairs. I loved it.                              IMOGEN


I   liked   the     voIcanos     topic,   especially   when     we   expIoded     them! I     Iiked   the   school   trip     to SaItaire.   James F


The things I liked in YR3!  This year in YR3 I have mostly enjoyed Tremors because we made paper Mache with a cup, tissue paper, paper and paint. One of the things we did for Tremors was writing newspaper Reports on earthquakes I also liked going to Salts Mill and Learning about the town’s history. On Greek Day we dressed up as Greek people and had a banquet and ate food like Greek fruits, olives, bread, honey. Molly


The funnest thing we did was our topic predators. My favourite predator is a fox because it can kill anything in its path and its sharp teeth. At the beginning of the year we had a day called Greek Day. We had goat cheese, olives, bread with honey          By Oliver B


I liked learning about different types of metals like gold, copper, bronze and silver.

We found out information like,

Metal Date
Gold 6000BC
Copper 4200BC
Bronze 3500BC

My favourite metal is gold because you can sell it for a lot of money.

We did art with string and tin foil, and then added lots of colour. The colours were yellow, green, orange, purple and pink.


I liked Paper Mache art because we made paper Mache volcanoes then we found the missing things/ingredient to make the chemical reaction explode the volcanoes I liked the school trip when we went to Saltaire.  Riley


I enjoyed tremors because we made paper mache volcanos and it was fun erupting them in the playground and we learnt about Mount Vesuvius. I enjoyed predators because we wrote haiku poems. Rory


In year 3 we went on a school trip to Salt Mill I really enjoyed seeing all the art. The person who made a lot  of the art was called David Hockney. We went in this  room were we could draw a picture of the art on the wall I drew the Salts Mill with a lot of people.  By Skyla


In year 3 we learned about tremors. We also learned about Pompeii it amazed me that Mount Vesuvius erupted for more than 24 hours! We made paper mache volcanos and did a newspaper report about earthquakes! With the paper mache we did an experiment to see if they can make a chemical reaction it was surprising that baking soda and food colouring with vinegar creates its. Mine was the first one to erupt and it had the longest stream.   Lucas S


I enjoyed learning about tremors because we did some paper Mache volcanoes. First we stuck paper together and stuck tissue to that and painted it. Then we went to erupt them in playground. We also did some Pompeii and Vesuvius writing. We also went on a class trip to Salts Mill in Saltaire. One of the best things this year was GREEK DAY.



I enjoyed Greek day because we had some bread, olives, honey and grape juice. We also made halos. Our  school trip was to Saltaire, after that we went to salts park, we had biscuits and drinks. Emily


In year 3 we went to Salts Mill which I enjoyed very much. We looked around Salts Mill we learnt about what used to happen there. We visited the David Hockney room in Salts Mill. When we were there I learnt about how it was created. At the end of our Greek topic we had a Greek day. We had Greek food and came into school in Greek clothes. By Lucy


I enjoyed our Greeks day because we all had a great time. My favourite part was the feast. we had grape juice, honey bread, fig, cheese, and olives.    Leo

I loved tremors because I liked making paper Mache I made it with Lucas B, Leo we painted and it very fun and we went outside did an experiment we found out that if you mixed baking soda and vinegar it bubbles like a volcano.

Predators      my favourite bit was when Oliver Lb brought in his African snail and we did blogs, PowerPoints, blog was fantastic.

By Jack


I liked the NEWS paper report because writing is fun. Greek day because I had fun and we made paper mache volcanos. James D


I enjoyed Greek day the most because we got to try new things like fig, grape juice,    cheese, olives, honey and bread .I also enjoyed making volcanoes out of paper Mache we took them out in to the playground and made a chemical reaction.      Sophie


My favourite topic this year is tremors because of the volcano art and paper Mache volcano and we did an experiment with the volcano it looked like a real volcano erupting some leaked of vinegar. I thought that the explosion was really fun and exciting this is how you make a paper Mache volcano. First you need a cup  then have a square cardboard then stick your cup on the cardboard then put lots of paper then paint it and do what you want with it.  On predators I learnt about Jaguars because it’s part of the cat family my partner was Harry because Harry wanted to learn about it also we learnt a lot of facts I loved it also Harry did.            Henry.       


This year I liked learning about volcanos. We made paper  Mache volcanos then put bicarbonate of soda and vinegar in them to make a chemical reaction.  I liked salts mill because I loved seeing the art work and looking at the sculptures. Blake


Street art salts mill at Saltaire! – In Saltaire we learned about Street art and David Hockney. It was fun and we painted nature picture. I really enjoyed traveling on a bus there.


Rocks … Rocks … Rocks – We leant facts and ammonite is an underwater dinosaur called morsel. We did an experiment on chalk. We put chalk in a cup full of water, and then we added sand in to it. Following that we added yellow chalk and another layer of sand. Doing the same but with black chalk and blue chalk. We found out the different colour chalk fall at different times.


GREEK DAY – At the start of year 3 we had Greek day. We had so much fun and we ate Greek food like cheese bread and we drunk grape juice. We all got to dress up; I dressed up in a knight outfit.   By Joseph


I enjoyed writing my newspaper piece because I wrote about my favourite game FORTNITE.  I wrote about my favourite place Tilted Towers and it got wrecked by an earth quake!  Mikey


My favourite thing in year 3 has been learning about predators.  When we were learning about predators I was doing peregrine falcon. When we were righting up I wrote a lot.  When it was Greek day I dressed up as a Greek warrior.  My table ate Greek food and drank juice.             Lucas B

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