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Roman Class – The Year Ahead

on September 7, 2018

After a relaxing summer break the children are excited to start the new term in a new class.  Here are their thoughts as to what they’re looking forward to…

I’m looking forward to better challenges in Year 5. Or maybe when we go to the deep sleeping there or maybe under sharks. Also our buddies because we have early lunch and have time to play with them and your friends afterwards. Also learning about Romans is another thing I’m really excited about learning in are class or maybe some visitors might come. Another thing is about experiments if we will do any potions in science or walks to find out where Romans could have lived nearby. We would find location from the internet on old maps about the Romans kingdom that started in Rome. They did raid our part of the United Kingdom. So I wonder if they built bases in Oxenhope or any nearby areas. Also the new books that have been in the library are good books. Especially the book I got its called Framed it’s a good book. It was hard to pick in the library because every book had changed well most had we went when I got onto page 3. But I did see a fox book but it wasn’t that good. My favourite book is Framed so far because I haven’t had any I hope there is more in the months ahead more.



I want to do more art and craft then year four and I’m looking forward the deep and to sleep next to all of the fish. I am looking forward to the science experiment. I love Spanish I can say hello orange juice please.



I’m so excited about going to the Deep in Hull!  I hope we sleep near the dolphins if there is any.  I am also looking forward to doing our first science experiment. Our new class room is called roman class. I am excited to go swimming. I like Spanish I can say hello.


I can’t wait for year five. I am really looking forward to visiting the deep. I have already been but I think it will be more fun with the class. I would love to see some sharks, dolphins, tropical fish, seahorses’, and lots and lots more. And the beach I think.

I am all so looking forward to the other topics like art, since, history, P.E, Spanish and lots more like my buddie and my locker.


In yr5 I am looking forward to hopefully go to the deep with my classmates. In February im sort of looking forward to going swimming. Also maths in yr5 plus history and geography were fun in yr4 so im hoping it will be fun in yr5. I’m pretty confident about yr5 because mrs Cooper is really nice and entertaining and it’s the last class until yr6 when I’m doing my sats and my 11 plus. By George





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