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In Leaping Leopards green group have been reading Trouble in the Rockies. Imagine you are Tom and are on the adventure through the Rockies. Write me a description about what you did. Remember to use 2A sentences and show me sentences.

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  1. Tyler says:

    First I got a bike for a bike ride with my famliy for a day and dad got a Gide so we did not get lost we asked lots of qwesjuns and then i fell down to fall in sone water to the bears but they were frend lily to me

  2. Codi says:

    I like it wen we did bike cycling because it is great exasize I love it it is amazing I liked the bit when where mum and me fell down the Rockies and mum and me fell in the freezing cold water that was quit painfull I did not like it
    From codi

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