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In Leaping Leopards green group have been reading Trouble in the Rockies. Now you have finished your book can you tell me if you like it/do not like it and why?

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  1. Codi says:

    I liked the book a bit and I am been onist and I will do an to 2A sentence . The helicopter is a beatifull , light shading couler .
    From codi

    • MissKMorris says:

      I’m glad you feel you can be honest Codi. I like your 2A sentence. Did you get the idea from your book?
      Don’t forget to write your name with a capital letter!

  2. Maddison says:

    I like the book because it is fun and it looks like you want to go with you and explore.

  3. Tyler says:

    I Like the book becuase it is ok for pepole to read and it is fun to read

  4. Cruze says:

    I like this book because they go on wonderful adventures like Scotland,London,France Banff national park,canoeing that’s the one what I like

  5. Sophie says:

    I like the book because it is so adventures and funny.
    I don’t like the book because they should be more information
    From Sophie

  6. Millianne says:

    I like it because they are avenchurs in it !!!!!!!!!!!

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