Green group

Green group have been reading Micro the Metal Dog. Write a description about Micro’s day. Remember to use 2A sentences and adverbs.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    On dangles birthday, he woke up and found a box by his looked like a kennel.’a dog!’ Cried danule.head wanted a dog for ages.

  2. Codi says:

    One sunny morning Daniels birthday he awork to a box by his bed he thoght it was a real dog so he leaped out of his bed and opened it to fined out but suddenly he sore a light up nose and he said to his mum ” it is not a real dog ”

  3. Aisles says:

    Daiel woke up on his birthday he sow a present he rout it was a dog so he opened the present it was a robo dog

  4. maddison says:

    He walked fast because Daniel said and he started to think as a real dog. He wanted to lean what it will be like to be a real dog. In the park he watched dogs get pettied by they owners.

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