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In Leaping Leopards green group have been reading Dexter’s Dinosaurs. In Dexter’s Dinosaurs he wishes to go back in time to meet a dinosaur but the wish goes wrong. The dinosaur’s come to Dexter’s town and they cause problems.

Imagine you live in Dexter’s town and wake up one day to find there are not one, not two but three towering, ferocious dinosaurs. Write a description about what happened that day.

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  1. Maddison says:

    As I woke up it was my birthday and when it was time to blow my cake I wished for a dinosaur but it didn’t come true so I went to ask a wizard.

  2. Maddison says:

    After I blowed my candles I went to ask a wizard so I asked him and he said yes and I was really happy.

  3. Caitlin says:

    As I woke up I streched My arms rubbed my eyes and let out a big mighty yawn. When I got out off bed I saw a big humunges tyrannosaurus.i ran out side all I could see was the purple,long neck it is a din sore dexter shouted help help I’m getting sorawdid by a dinsore.

  4. Sophie says:

    As I woke up I saw something outside.So I got out of bed,got dresses and went to look what was outside.What was it?How was it?

  5. Tyler says:

    As I Got up I open my curtins I Here’d distrucshon. What was it? Where is ‘it? But I wished for my birthday so me and the wiserd hurt a tranasorasrex down so after I played with the dinos the dinos had to go home.

  6. Sophie says:

    When I was in bed I had a dreem and my dreem was to ride a vast,purple dinosaurs.

  7. Sophie says:

    As I woke up something massive and purple was outside . So I got out of bed, got dressed and went to see what it was. It was…A VAST, TALL dinasour and the good thing about it was it can talk so I said to it “can I righd on your back ”
    The dinasour said “yes you can righd on my back and I hope you enjoy it”
    “Thanks mate ”
    “That’s ok”

  8. sophie says:

    This book what I red I was so awesome that I want to read it again

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