Leaping Leopards Topic Work

Today in Leaping Leopards we have been looking at primary and secondary sources. When we understood what these were, we looked at different types of sources e.g. photographs, film archive, diary, website. We then went onto look at how reliable, relevant and rich each source is. In small groups we ordered the different types of sources to show which one we though was most reliable to the least reliable. We then did this again with how rich the sources were. We wrote down why we thought certain sources were more reliable and rich than others.

If you were the luckiest historian alive, which three sources would you chose to look at?

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2 Responses to Leaping Leopards Topic Work

  1. Harpoon says:

    I would use film because it is made from you at the time.

  2. MissGriffiths says:

    Haroon, would you use a film archive or a feature film?

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