Leaping Leopards Homework

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Here is a selection of homework by Leaping Leopards. We have had some fantastic castles built out of materials found around the home. Do you think Queen Victoria would like to live in one of these?

In addition to this, we have had some creative poems written about the Victorian times. I really like the way Bethany has written about chimney sweeps and Lewis has written an acrostic poem using the word Victorians. Which bit of the poems do you like?

Furthermore, Maddison has tried really hard to persuade me to let her be queen. I like the way she uses questions at the beginning to make me want to read more and I also like the way she has used facts about Victorians times. How would you persuade me to let you be King or Queen during the Victorian era?

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  1. sophie says:

    Well done people for trying really hard to do them castle they are really good.

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