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Leaping Leopards Homework

    Here is a selection of homework by Leaping Leopards. We have had some fantastic castles built out of materials found around the home. Do you think Queen Victoria would like to live in one of these? In addition … Continue reading

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Leaping Leopards Homework Menu

Home Work Menu Summer 1 This half term Leaping Leopards are selecting one piece of homework a week to complete. Above is the homework menu. Keep checking the blog to see if your homework gets posted.

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Leaping Leopards Topic Work

Today in Leaping Leopards we have been looking at primary and secondary sources. When we understood what these were, we looked at different types of sources e.g. photographs, film archive, diary, website. We then went onto look at how reliable, … Continue reading

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This half term, Leaping Leopards are looking at the Victorians. To start our topic off we played a game called artifact pursuit. To play this game we had to roll a dice and then we had to place a counter … Continue reading

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George’s Marvellous Medicine

In Leaping Leopards Orange group have been reading George’s Marvellous Medicine. Can you tell me about George’s Marvellous Medicine? What do you like the most about the book? If you were to make a medicine, what would you put in … Continue reading

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In the Pictures with Leopards

Listen to this recording to find out more about how Leopards have used in the picture for inspiration. Leopards in the Picture    

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Cliffe Castle

On Wednesday Leaping Leopards went to Cliffe Castle. We used our noticing skills to look closely at different rocks and draw them. We liked looking at the lava rock because this came from a volcano. We also looked at how … Continue reading

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World Book Day Blog Story

On World Book Day as a school we are going to write a story together, each class will write a paragraph for our story. Some information to get us started. Place- A Dark Woods. People- Sam the Carpenter, Angelica the … Continue reading

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Raspberry Jamboree Hack Day

Are you 8 or older and have been enjoying programming in Computing this term? Would you like to have a day building your own games with other kids and families like you? Are you free on Saturday 1st March? How … Continue reading

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Problem Solving

Leaping Leopards have been problem solving in Maths. They had a target board and had to make a number using two numbers on the target board. Once they had found all the different possible ways of making that number, they … Continue reading

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