Good Comments…

When people take the time to write a post, it’s fantastic if you can find the time to write a comment to let them know what you thought.

When you write comments, try to keep these things in mind:

1. Be positive!  Remember to tell the poster the things you liked about the post.

2. If you have any criticism, then write it down, but be positive. Use the ‘even better if’ style of feedback.

3. Just saying ‘cool’ or ‘that’s great’ might make the poster feel good, but even better would be saying whyit’s cool.

Comments can be read by anyone from all over the world – teachers, parents, governors, politicians, celebrities (!), so use your best writing skills and try to be as accurate as possible with spellings – take pride in your comments!

4. If you want to tell the poster about one of your posts, then give them the full web address to help them find it – if you’re really advanced, then include a link.

5. Perhaps try one of these comment starters…

I can relate to this
This makes me think of
I discovered
I don’t understand
I was reminded that
I found myself wondering

If we keep these guidelines in mind, our site will be a really fun place to publish our work.

Have fun!

Thank you to for these suggestions.


17 Responses to Good Comments…

  1. Lewis says:

    I like the school, I like everyone.

  2. lucy y5 says:

    I like that day it was outstanding

    • MissKMorris says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Lucy and I like the way you used the word outstanding. Don’t forget to use a capital letter for your name and a full stop at the end of your sentence!
      Miss Morris

  3. Phoebe says:

    I love Ryecroft.

  4. rayson says:

    hey mice pretty good work did miss homes sounds like a good teacher.

  5. rayson says:

    i like learning with mr gill

  6. Adam says:

    Im in tenacious turtles rycroft is exrodanary me, Rayson and denby are the best actors in are class and my favorite teachers are Mr Tolson,mrs Clark, mr gill and miss griffis

  7. Anonymous says:

    I like learning with Miss Macc and Mr Simson

  8. Phoebe says:

    Ryecroft is excellent I really like Mr Gill are teacher he’s nice.

  9. zinedine says:

    I like willos book because when they red it there was something funy

  10. Bethany says:

    I hear with my little ear hooray hooray a very loud cheer. I her with my little ear . A very loud bump my dad can steer . I. Hear with my little ear a snap of twigs. its a very shy dear bethany

  11. Zinedinezighem says:

    How do you let the fox on the three litel pigs how did the fox get the sugar.

  12. Zinedine says:

    How do you let the fox on the three little pigs how did the fox get the sugar.

  13. Tyler says:

    I like all the tichers becse there a softi to me and Sam and james

  14. Kayden says:


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