Roald Dahl Day

This year marks the centenary of Roald Dahl’s birth and, to celebrate, Year 5 are beginning the year by studying Matilda- his famous book about a little girl with a very big talent.
As well as reading his written work, Year 5 have also been looking at the well-known illustrations by Quentin Blake that frequent Dahl’s books. Blake’s style is immediately recognisable to children and adults all over the world- quirky and fun-loving, they fit the stories perfectly and bring the characters and their antics to life on the page.
To celebrate this, we decided to have a go at creating our own Blake-inspired creations of our friends and family. They turned out phizz-whizzing and gloriumptiously!













Welcome back to Year 6!

It’s been a busy first week back in Year 6! We have been doing lots of DT as we launch our first English topic: ‘James and the Giant Peach’ to celebrate the centenary of Roald Dahl’s birthday. The children have been making peaches using paper maché. We have also been analysing instructions. Pupils followed instructions to make paper plate fish and then discussed what grammar, features and punctuation made it an effective piece of writing.

Finally, we started our new Science topic, Fit for Life, by undertaking activities to measure what happens to your heart rate when you exercise.


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Halton Gill: Day Two

After what felt like a very short night for the teachers, Year 5 were up bright and early at seven o’clock to get ready for the day ahead- a three mile countryside walk, followed by lunch on the Village Green, then pony trekking, a visit to Grassington and a guided tour of Kilnsey Trout Farm.

    A Country Stroll

Following the walk, the class were divided into three, with each group visiting each location in turn.

Pony Trekking

    Kilnsey Trout Farm

Halton Gill Residential: Day One

In Years Four, Five and Six, the children at Shipley are very lucky to be invited on a residential trip each year; in Year Five, that trip is to Halton Gill Bunk Barn in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, just outside Littondale.

From Monday 11th July to Wednesday 13th July, twenty seven children, Miss Hughes, Mrs Walker and Mrs Blake were whisked off by Lee, Mark, Sam and Donald- the wonderful Country Trust staff- who, for the most part, organise all of the activities over the three days.

    Day One

    Gazegill Organic Farm

At Gazegill, we were shown around the farm, learning about the animals and the methods used to ensure that everything produced is as natural and beneficial to the animals and environment as possible. This included allowing chickens to roam the farm, poly-tunnels to protect vegetable crops and maintaining an army of caterpillars and other insects. After the tour, we all went for lunch in a spare barn, and were treated to fresh, farm-made ice cream, made only of fresh cream and sugar.

    Bolton Abbey

After thanking everyone at Gazegill, we headed back to the minibuses to make our way to Bolton Abbey and i ts surrounding estate.
The Abbey is an estate in Wharfedale in North Yorkshire, and takes its name from the ruins of the 12th-century Augustinian monastery—now generally known as Bolton Priory, which was originally founded in 1154. The canons lived and worshipped at the Priory until 1539 when the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII stripped the estate of its assets.
Today, the Priory is a stunning ruin, set in the heart of a wonderfully managed estate. When we arrived, we were lead through a small archway in the surrounding wall, which revealed a beautiful view of the ruin. Mark was very knowledgeable about the Priory, and told us about the history of the Prior and Cannons who ran the establishment. We also learned about the surrounding land and how it was managed by the people who lived on it.

After exploring the Priory and its grounds, we set off for Halton Gill Bunk Barn! Once we had arrived and claimed our bunks, we had a wonderful meal of spaghetti bolognese and strawberry cheesecake. Once we had cleared up, we set off to explore the area, playing games along the walk as we learned about all of the different types of plants and their uses. When we reached the river bank, Mark showed us all how to create bazookas with bull rushes by splitting their stems and pulling them quickly through our fingers to release them.

Sports Day!

Entirely predictably, the English weather didn’t want Shipley’s Sports Day to go ahead, as planned, outside. Due to incredibly boggy conditions on the school’s field, we were forced inside, where the school hall amplified every cheer for each team.
Years 5 and 6 were invited to take part during the afternoon, and relay, bean-bag-balancing, egg and spoon and three-legged races were all run. IMG_2316










There was also a good deal of controversy during the judging of the bean bag throwing contest- in or out?!

There was also a good deal of controversy during the judging of the bean bag throwing contest- in or out?!

Despite the weather, everyone had a great time, and we’d all like to thank Mrs Blake for the huge amount of effort that she put into organising the whole school’s Sports Day!

A look back to the past, and ahead to the future.

A year ago, the current Year Fives came up to me during transition day. In the short time that we had together, I asked them to complete a short booklet about themselves and write a letter to their future selves at the end of Year 5.
Today, their work was returned to them, and gasps of horror and delight flew up from around the class. No one could quite believe the difference in handwriting, ideas, opinions and handwriting!

The first things to be handed back were the booklets, which I have kept safe for the year. These included fact files about each pupil- everything from favourite colours and subjects to hobbies and what they’d be getting up to over the holidays.

Muskan couldn't believe the difference in her handwriting over the year- she now writes in a beautiful, consistent cursive style.

Muskan couldn’t believe the difference in her handwriting over the year- she now writes in a beautiful, consistent cursive style.



Muskan's beautiful handwriting after a year in Year 5.

And after! Muskan’s beautiful handwriting after a year in Year 5.

Duhaa and Chloe were both pretty amazed by how much they have changed in a year.

Duhaa and Chloe were both pretty amazed by how much they have changed in a year.



Even our art has improved!

Even our art has improved!