Welcome back to school!

Welcome back to school everyone! We hope you have enjoyed the summer holidays and are enjoying your first day in your new class! Continue reading

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London is coming

London has been cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unfortunately London has been cancelled the reason for this is that are lovely teacher Mrs Spillane wanted to keep the staff and us years 5 safe.

Instead of that We had 3 days of fun.  We made slime ,we had extra play time ,art  , party , Richard Dunns trip, backing, toys morning . We slept at school.  Sienna , Honey and Ava stayed up till four in the morning we watched a film and met Mrs Spillane’s dog,Harley.





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swimming 25 meters by Martha

Last month my bestie alesha and Russel did 25 meters and they also learnt how to tread water . They did so well .  Congratulations  Alesha and Russel 👏.

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Better get shopping !!! By Martha y5

This time next month year 5 will be in London ( I used to live there : ) . We are practically going to see everything there is to see in London . We had all better get shopping!

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What am I? by Leighton

I am a card of attractive green and I can dangle anywhere.
I am also a picture in a completely different way.

If you see me I am often on a wall in a studio.

I feel like a cloth because I am a type of one but I don’t have the word cloth in my name.


What am I?

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Bike ability

Most of year5 completed bike ability.😊😊They passed level one and two it was such an achievement.

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Did you know that unicorns are the best?

You can name them ANYTHING no matter what colour they are
Comment what the unicorns favourite fruit is

I hate oranges
I am green
I am a little bit like an apple
I grow in light
What am I?

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Jojo bows banned?? By Honey

Did you know that Jojo bows could be very soon be banned from our school ?!?! Don’t worry there is life without Jojo bows ( I think ) . :):( Many other schools across Bradford have banned Jojo bows! I know us in year 5 love Jojo bows how about you ??

Leave your answers in the comments below !!

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What Am I? By Elise

what am i?

I have 5 wheels,

and I also have one long leg,

teachers absulutly love me,

I am helpful in lots of primary schools,

I can swish and swivel around

What am I?

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What am I? By Sabian

What am I?
I have a face but can’t smile.
I have a face but no body.

I help you though the day.
I live in houses everywhere on the walls.

What am I?

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