This Week At St Pauls

This week in school, it has been another spectacular, but educational¬†week. Also, another week towards Year 6’s residential ( London ) and Cinderella and Rockerfella play. As well as this, many trips have occurred, for instance: Year 6’s trip to the Tesco workshop and their other trip to BBEC Career fair.

Year 5 are still currently learning about WW2 and so far they have learnt various facts. Not only are they being educated, they’re having fun at the same time.

At present, Year 3 are on a sensational residential for one night. It is the first time they have actually been on a residential.

Year 4, carrying on a roman topic, have been finishing their shields and have been designing their own coins. Furthermore, they have been doing data-handling including various graphs.

Using the internet or books, year 2 have been learning about African animals. They also made reports and read them to different classes.

In reception they are learning about life cycles. They hatched a caterpillar, which turned into a butterfly!

Another brilliant week counting down to our London trip and other great joys. For now have a happy half term holiday.

By: Luke, Bailey and Hashim.


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