Year 5 End of term and Cooking

Today Year 5 had a treat day. They suggested activities they would like to do and they earned the time today, off timetable, to do activities such as computers, colouring, puzzles and crafts.

All the children also took part in some cooking and baking also. They made crustless quiche and jam pastry whirls. They were delicious and the quiches were very healthy too. The children were chefs in the making with brilliant knife skills even with the sharp knife and their mixing was great too.

Gordon Ramsey Juniors!

Who is going to make them at home?

Have a good half term Year 5!

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Miss Charles
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  1. Julie Smith on February 21, 2017 at 7:34 pm said:

    Fantastic fun, what are you making us for tea Dan? Ha Ha !!

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