RE and Science in Year 4

Year 4 children and teachers would like to give a great big THANK YOU to Olivia and Harveer for leading parts of our lessons this week. Olivia brought in her Guinea pig and taught us how to look after it. Harveer talked about Sikhism and showed us the bracelets and magnet he bought from his visit to the Golden Temple.

Well done to you both.

Mrs Hallworth, Mr Collier, Mr Daynes and Mrs Rashid

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  1. I really enjoyed bringing my guinea pig into school ,answering people’s questions and letting people stroke and hold her .I also liked listening to Harveer tell us about Sikhs,how they celebrate bandi chhor divas ,why they don’t celebrate Diwali and how they are different to Hindu’s. Nice photos!

  2. I think that Olivia’s guinea pig is really cute.

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