Year 4’s Hindu Shrine

Last Friday, in RE,  Year 4 learnt that Hindus can worship in a temple called a Mandir or at home and that they do so in front of a shrine. A shrine  can be anywhere in your home and usually has a murti (statue of a Hindu god or goddess), a bell, some kum kum powder, some water, some fruit  and some flowers.

The children enjoyed designing their own shrine in our classroom and making flowers for it.

Well done, Year 4!

Mrs Hallworth, Mr Collier and Mr Daynes

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  1. Safiya on January 24, 2018 at 5:59 pm said:

    It was really fun making the Hindu Shrine! The flowers were quite difficult to make but we got there in the end. Thank you Mrs Hallworth xxx

  2. Making the Hindu Shrine was really exciting
    but also very complicated! Thank you happy Mrs Hallworth, drawing Mr daynes confusing Mr Necklace
    ( Collier )

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