Year 3’s Wibsey Walk!

This week in Year 3 we went on a walk around Wibsey, to find out about its past.

We learnt lots of interesting things such as:

A horse fair came to Wibsey every year on the 5th of October. We even saw where it came to, on Fair Rd.

The White Swan used to be a courtroom and they used to send people to jail for petty crimes.

There used to be a tiny school on School lane where only 6 people went to school.

The Co op used to be a Cosy Cinema, it opened on the 15th May 1930 and the first ever film showed there was called ‘The last of Mrs Cheyney’.

There was lots of buildings around Wibsey with different dates on, we think this is when they were built!

We also walked down a very historic part of Wibsey – Smithy Hill. The oldest house in Wibsey is believed to be on here and was built in 1626.

We have had a great time looking at Wibsey and wandering around the old streets admiring how the houses have changed!

Did you know that Wibsey used to have a trolley bus that ran down the High St?

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