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Mother’s Day 2018

This half term Reception created a Mother’s Day assembly to perform for their Mums to thank them for all the kind and generous things they do.

Unfortunately, it was a little late as the snow forced us to postpone. Luckily, we we able to rearrange and perform our assembly the following week.

Here it is if anyone missed it! Happy Mothers Day 🙂


Reception Spring Walk

Reception class went on a walk around school to see if they could spot any new signs of Spring. They looked closely at the plants, animals and the world around them to see what has changed since Winter. They used Ipads to take pictures of any new signs that Spring has sprung!

Reception chick update!

Reception class have had a very exciting week watching our chick eggs hatch and grow. On Wednesday afternoon 1 more egg hatched to see the children off for hometime.

When we arrived at school on Thursday morning 2 more eggs had hatched overnight, giving us 5 chicks in total. Thursday was a very busy day as 3 more eggs hatched before our very eyes. By Friday, we had 8 happy healthy chicks cheeping away in our brooder box. Unfortunately 2 eggs did not hatch. We discussed this with the children and they understood why this may have happened.

We have been learning to care for our 8 chicks making sure they have clean bedding and plenty of fresh food and water.


This morning at 9 o’clock Reception had their first new arrival. Our first chick has pecked their way through their egg. Soon after, at half past 9, our second chick followed!

Keep checking the blog for more chick updates.

Video coming soon …

New arrivals in Reception!

This morning we were very EGGcited to receive a special delivery in Reception class. We have 10 eggs which hopefully, by Wednesday, will hatch our very own chicks. We will be caring for these eggs and keeping a very close eye on them to see what will happen.

Keep checking for regualar updates on the school blog 🙂

Miss Galtress & Reception Class


A very warm welcome back from Reception class. We all feel well rested and ready to learn!
Our topic this half term is Spring and Growth.
We will be looking at all the changes Spring time has to offer, along with different things that grow around this time of year.

Throughout the 7 areas of learning in Reception we will be focusing on:
Communication & Language – Using our speaking and listening rules to use more complex sentences to link ideas when speaking. Using talk to organise, sequence and clarify thinking, ideas, feelings and events including NEW! weekend news.
Moving and Handling – Big motor movement Monday and funky fingers morning activities to improve gross and fine motor skills. Mrs Kilmartin will also be recapping Dance and Gymnastics in PE as well as introducing invasion games.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Care for others and show sensitivity to their needs and feelings. Understand our actions can affect other people’s feelings.
Literacy – Reading and writing sentences using our phonics sounds/tricky words. We will be looking at the story of The Enormous Turnip and other fairytales.
Maths- Recognition, writing, counting and ordering numbers to 20 as well as simple subtraction.
Understanding the world – The life cycle of a chicken, animals/ their young and produce, spring changes and Easter.
Expressive Arts and Design – Spring pastel pictures, Mother’s day/Easter crafts cards and baking.

Dates to remember:
20th February- Parent’s evening
1st March- World Book Day
8th March – Reception’s Mother’s Day assembly
29th March – Easter Service in church

Spreading the LOVE!

In preparation for Valentine’s day next week Reception have been thinking about special people in their lives and people they love. They have made Valentine’s cards to send to their loved ones and biscuits to give to people that are special to them.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love from Reception <3

Merry Christmas! from Reception

A rare moment of peace at last … all ready for Santa to come soon!

Merry Christmas and have a lovely holiday!

From all the children and staff in Reception Class 🙂


Christmas in Reception!

The children in Reception have had a very busy Christmas week. We thought you would like to see all the fun Christmas activities we have been doing.

On Monday we had our Christmas dinner, with the rest of Key Stage 1, in the hall. It was very yummy … especially the pudding!

On Wednesday we had our class Christmas party. We played lots of party games, ate lots of food and even had a Christmas boogie.

On Thursday, we performed our Nativity for all our family and friends. We were a bit nervous but we still enjoyed performing for everyone.   

Autumn 2 – Reception

This half term in Reception our Topic is Space! We will be looking at astronauts, the moon, the solar system and aliens.

In the 7 areas of learning we will be focusing on:

Personal, Social and Emotional – Playing co-operatively, taking turns and resolving conflicts

Communication and Language –  Speaking and listening, taking turns and listening to others & following instructions

Physical Development – Funky fingers morning activities to improve fine motor skills & Dance in PE with Mrs Kilmartin

Maths – Numbers to 10 (recognition, ordering and counting) 2D & 3D shape and length

Literacy – daily phonics introducing phase 2 sounds, reading and writing CVC, simple captions and tricky words, stories such as: Whatever Next! and Aliens love Underpants

Understanding the World – what is like in space? moon landings, light ad dark

Expressive Arts and Design – Bonfire Night and poppy art, planet pastel pictures, aliens/spaceships/rockets and shadow theatre puppets

Towards the end of the half term we will be focusing on Christmas and the Nativity story to prepare for our production.

Miss Galtress