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Year 3

This half term in year 3 our topic is Extreme Earth:

English – recounts and adventure story writing.

Maths – statistics and recapping of topics

Science – forces and magnets

Extreme Earth – volcanoes, tsumanis, earthquakes.

ICT – scratch.

PE – athletics

Ramadan and Eid


In Year 4 we have been learning about Ramadan and Eid this week.

We would like to say a big WELL DONE to the children who taught us all about it in class and in assembly and THANK YOU for bringing in some of their personal belongings and food to make it more real for us.

We wish all our Muslims friends a Happy Eid.

Eid Mubarak!

Mrs Hallworth

Road Safety Y3 and Y4

Today Years 3 and 4 had a visit from the Road Safety Team.

The Road Safety Team spoke to us about how to stay safe when walking on the pavements and crossing the road.

They told us some important things to remember when we are crossing the road:

  1.  Find a safe place to cross.


3.Look – right, left and right again.



We got the chance to use their role play road and learnt where is safe to cross and where is not. We can now all be safer when crossing the road.

Year 4 Yummy Pizzas

To end our topic on Global food,Year 4 learnt some cooking skills such as cutting, chopping and  kneading when they made their own pizzas.

Thank you Mrs Rashid! The children really enjoyed it and the pizzas were delicious!

Mrs Hallworth, Mr Collier and Mr Daynes

Year 3’s Trip to Saltaire.

This week Year 3 went on a fantastic trip to Saltaire that I was very sad to miss!

However they have told me lots about what they did and found out.

They enjoyed looking at David Hockney’s art work –  his current display is on the arrival of spring.

They also had a historic walk around Saltaire and found out lots of facts about Titus Salt and the local area.

A huge thank you to, Mrs Cook, Mrs Lupton, Mrs Barraclough, Mrs Safianyk and Mrs Broadbent for taking the children on the trip in my absence!

Miss B

Year 3’s Wibsey Walk!

This week in Year 3 we went on a walk around Wibsey, to find out about its past.

We learnt lots of interesting things such as:

A horse fair came to Wibsey every year on the 5th of October. We even saw where it came to, on Fair Rd.

The White Swan used to be a courtroom and they used to send people to jail for petty crimes.

There used to be a tiny school on School lane where only 6 people went to school.

The Co op used to be a Cosy Cinema, it opened on the 15th May 1930 and the first ever film showed there was called ‘The last of Mrs Cheyney’.

There was lots of buildings around Wibsey with different dates on, we think this is when they were built!

We also walked down a very historic part of Wibsey – Smithy Hill. The oldest house in Wibsey is believed to be on here and was built in 1626.

We have had a great time looking at Wibsey and wandering around the old streets admiring how the houses have changed!

Did you know that Wibsey used to have a trolley bus that ran down the High St?

Year 3 : Spring 1

This half term in Year 3 we are looking at : Our Local Area

We plan on going out on lots of local walks to discover how Wibsey has changed in the last 100 years.

In History we will be looking at how Wibsey has changed, how jobs have changed and the difference between now and then.

In Geography we are looking at our local area and using maps to get around.

In Art we are looking at David Hockney and his famous painting of Salts Mill. Keep your eyes peeled for our versions and attempts at painting St Paul’s Church in the style of David Hockney.

In English we are writing our own fairy tales and later in the half term we will be creating leaflets about Wibsey with an interesting fact or two!

In Science we are looking at animals and humans and what they need to survive including food, nutrients, skeletons and muscles.

In Maths we are learning how to do use different measurements and tell the time. Help us by asking us to read the time to you!


Our special visitor.

This morning in year 3 we had a new member in our class.

Our Elf came with a letter explaining why it had come and asking us to name it. We had to do some writing to persuade Miss Briggs why she should choose our name.

We all did fantastic writing but Alicias name won, it was Lucky and we decided the Elf would be a girl.

Lucky came with our advent calendar and she is watching for people being kind!

Year 3’s trip to the Mandir

On the 23rd November Year 3 went on a trip to the Hindu Temple also known as the Mandir.

We were invited in to the temple and shown to the worship room where we got to see all the Hindu Gods and learn lots of interesting things.

We learnt all the Hindu Gods names – well 10 of them, about Hindu weddings and also about what the Hindus might have in a shrine at home.

We had a fantastic time and felt so welcomed, the Hindu priest also gave us a gift as we left.

Autumn 2 – Year 3

This half term we have been looking at:
Maths – focusing on our times tables and the the four calculations ( +, – , x and divide)
English – Shape poetry about bonfire night and fireworks, a narrative story about ‘ why bats only come out at night’ and recounts.
Topic – We have been looking at the history of light and celebrations of light.
Science – Light
RE – Hinduism and their festivals – trip to the Mandir.
ICT – research and using word programmes.