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In The Garden!

Reception have loved learning about all the different things we can find and do ‘in the garden’.

As part of our topic we have been looking after some caterpillars. We have been watching how they grow and change during their lifecycle. The children recently released our butterflies into our brand new garden in our outdoor area.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back Year 3!

This half term our topic is World War 2. In topic we will be looking; at why the War began, the home front, different armed forces and what entertainment was like.

In English we will be, writing recounts, letters and a twist on a fairy tale. We will also be sharing the book Letters from the Lighthouse.

In math we will be learning to; tell the time, investigating shapes and learning to measure weight and liquid.

In Science we are learning all about plants and hopefully will get to try some chips made from the potatoes we planted in the Spring.

In Art we will be learning how to print with different materials and will hopefully make some great patterns.

This half term is a busy one and along side all our work we also have;
Sports Day – 5th July
One Britain, One Nation Day – 28th June
Transition Day – 3rd July
Only Safety open morning – 2nd July
Summer Fair – 18th July
End of Year service -19th July
School closes – 23rd July

Year 1 Summer 2

Welcome back to Summer 2 in Year 1.

This half term in Year 1 our topic is ‘At The Coast’ and we will be learning:

Phonics – We will be continuing phase 5 sounds including introducing alternative pronunciations for graphemes, e.g. ea in tea, head and break, ch in chin, chemist, chef.

English – The Storm Whale – diary writing

Maths – Fractions of shapes, objects and quantities (halves and quarters).

Position and Direction – Describe position, direction and movement, including whole, half, quarter and three quarter turns.

Place Value within 100 – Counting to 100, partitioning numbers, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, one more, one less

Geography: Seas and Coasts – learn about physical, environmental and human features of a seaside location. Compare British beaches to one in another country.

Art – LS Lowry – Seascapes Mixing 5 colours for shade and tone

DT – Designing a healthy seaside picnic

RE – What does it mean to belong? How should we care for the world and for others?

PE – (every Friday afternoon) Sports Day practise, rugby sessions

Dates for diary – Transition day to year 2, 3rd July.

Sports day, 5th July.

Bridlington Trip, 9th July.

This is our last busy half term of new learning to look forward to in Year 1. Thank you for your continued support throughout the school year.

Mrs Darbyshire, Mrs Browne and Mrs Safianyk.

Year 3 at Tatton Park

Yesterday we stepped back in time, we went back to 410 AD and learnt all about how the Anglo Saxons lived.
We braided wool, made bread and practiced going in to battle.
We had a fantastic day at Tatton Park and our Anglo Saxon friends really helped us to understand more about this time. It was a great end to the half term.

Miss Briggs x

Fun in the Sun

Last week, year five made the most of the good weather and ventured up to the cricket field for their PE lesson. After a good warm up and a game of duck, duck, goose, they practised some football skills and played a few matches. They ended with a jog around the cricket field!

Mr Platt 🙂

Well done Year 6

Year 6 have been amazing during their SATS tests this week. We are so proud of you and everything you achieved.

This morning we had ice lollies and some chill out time to celebrate SATS finishing.

Good Luck

Good Luck to all our Year 6 students who are taking their SATS tests this week.

Try your best and do as the best you can do. You will do great!

Year 1 Teaching Trees Trip

Year 4 – Summer 1

This half term we are learning:

  • Maths: Decimals, Money problems, Units of measurement
  • English: A Nonsense poem, Newspaper articles
  • Topic: Mountains and rivers
  • RE: Kingdom of God (When Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost?)
  • PSHE: Responsibility
  • Art/DT: Art movements (Renaissance, Baroque, Surrealism), Landscapes (Gauguin),                    collages (Matisse)
  • PE (Tuesdays): Games

Dates to note:

Tuesday 21st May: Residential meeting at 3.30pm

Planting Seeds in Year 1