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Harvest Festival

Thank you to all the parents, carers, friends and family members who attended our Harvest Festival in church yesterday or/and donated some food.

Thank you also to all the children who sang their hearts out and Year 6 readers who did a great job with their readings and prayers.

It was an amazing celebration!

Mrs Hallworth

World Mental Health Day 10.10.2018

Today is World Mental Health Day. Across the country and world people are talking about mental health and how important it is to talk. Mental health is about our feelings, our thinking, our emotions and our moods.

At St.Paul’s this year we are going to be talking a lot about mental health and keeping our children’s minds healthy.

In Year 6 we watched some videos about how we can reach out and talk about our feelings before they take over and what feelings are normal and those which are overwhelming.

If you are worried about your friends or you feel down or upset please talk to your teachers or staff in school;we can help ūüôā

What is your advice Year 6?


Florence Nightingale visits Year 2

Year¬† 2 had a visit¬†from a very significant person called “Florence Nightingale”.

She came to tell the children about her life as a nurse and her travels to Scutari in Turkey where she nursed soldiers who were injured in the Crimean war. When she arrived there she found that the hospital was very dirty, bandages were re-used, bed sheets were filthy and rats were running around everywhere. So she and her nurses and porters decided to tidy it all up and get clean bandages and sheets. They also got fresh food and clean water. All these things helped the soldiers to get better. At night she checked on the soldiers using her lamp to light the way. We still use Florence Nightingale’s methods today and that is why she is a “significant person” and is known as “The Lady of the Lamp”.



So far in Year 6

Year 6 have had an excellent start and have already produced some great work. Here is what we have been doing so far this term.



Mad Science Assembly.

Today we had a visitor in our assembly.

Mad Science came and delivered a fantastic assembly all about Science. Kinetic Kate showed us some exciting experiments and taught us lots of new things.

If you enjoyed the assembly then don’t forget to go online and book on to their Science club which will be held at School from the 16th October 2018. Deadline is the 1st October 2018.For anymore information contact the office or feel free to grab me in the playground.

Thanks Miss Briggs

Please click on this link to see a magnificent experiment IMG_0019

What’s happening in Year 2

In Autumn 1 Year 2 will be learning about the following:

Maths – Place value and Number, Addition and subtraction

English – Poetry, Fiction “Monkey Say, Monkey Do” and Instruction writing

Topic РGrowing up!

Science – Animals, including humans.

ICT – E-safety

History РSignificant people from the past РFlorence Nightingale

RE – Creation

Please continue to support your child’s education by reading with them daily (if possible) and talking to them about their books. If you have any questions please contact me or the office.

Thank you and looking forward to this new chapter with you and your children

Mrs T Smith.




Stone Age Shelters

This week we have been looking at Stone Age shelters, from different times.

We enjoyed comparing them to our homes and also started to create our own in DT.

Here are some pictures of our shelters (in progress)

Roald Dahl Day in year 3.

This afternoon in Year 3 we have watched a clip all about the author Quentin Blake. He is an illustrator and illustrated Roald Dahl’s books. As part of the afternoon we got to learn how to draw a hornswoggler. We had lots of fun. Here are a few of ours :

Daily Mile

This academic year we have started to take part in the daily mile. We are hoping to improve our fitness levels and encourage children to take part in physical activity.

Year 3 had a great time taking part in their first mile and we hope to improve our time over the year. Today it took us 25 minutes to complete our mile, keep checking back to see how we improve.

Miss B and Mrs B xx

Welcome back Year 3

Welcome from Year 3!

We have had a great first week in our classroom, we have been getting to know our teacher Miss Briggs and also learning about our new environment.

We have made our new class rules, refreshed our memory of the school rules, been given all our new work books and had lots of fun learning what year 3 is all about.

This half term our topic is Stone Age:

We will be looking at lots of books about the Stone Age in English including Stone Age Boy, UG and How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth. Alongside this we will be writing instructions and diary entries.

In math we will be focusing on place value and looking at our times tables.

In an afternoon we will be looking at the Stone Age and the difference between then and now as well as looking at Rocks in Science.

We will also be doing lots of fun and exciting things in DT, Art, RE, PSHE and PE.

A little reminder that Miss Briggs won’t be in on a Wednesday.

Monday – homework to be returned.

Tuesday – new homework will be given out.

Wednesday – PE

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Briggs and Mrs Barraclough