Year 4 Summer 2

Summer 2

This half term we are learning:
 Maths: Statistics (Pictograms, bar graphs, pie charts and line graphs)
 English: A Portal story (The Lion , the Witch and the Wardrobe), Instructions
 Science: Scientists and Inventors
 Topic: all around the World
 RE: Ramadan, Eid, The Journey of Life (Hinduism and Islam)
 PSHE: Wisdom
 Art/DT: Narnia shoe box diorama
 PE (Wednesdays): Athletics
 ICT: Communication

Mrs Hallworth

People Who Help Us!

To introduce our new topic Reception Class have had lots of visitors recently. We have been very lucky to meet lots of people who help in our community, for lots of different reasons. We have had chance to talk to these visitors and ask them lots of questions about their jobs. Some of our visitors even brought us different equipment that we could look at and try on. It was very kind and it helped us learn lots of information about people who help us.

Our visitors included: a firefighter, a police officer, a lollipop person, an army officer and a charity worker from the Salvation Army.

Reception sing-a-long!

We have been learning a few songs as part of our mini-beast topic that we would like to showcase for you.

We hope you enjoy watching as much as we all enjoy singing!


Hatching Butterflies!

Reception have been currently looking after some caterpillars as part of their mini-beast topic. The last time we blogged the caterpillars were in their cocoons. Over the weekend our caterpillars have hatched into 5 healthy beautiful painted-lady butterflies. The children have loved observing, feeding and looking after them. On Thursday afternoon, we had a wonderful time setting our butterflies free in the outdoor area.

Key Stage 1 Road Safety

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 attended a road safety session on Thursday morning. They took part in a series of scenarios involving traffic and the road to show the children how to use their road safety rules to help them cross the street safely. Always remember:

Hold hands





Year 6 Science – Light

Year 6 have been learning all about light this week. We have been experimenting with light rays (yellow string) we have learnt about light travelling in straight lines and into our eyes. We found out how our eyes use the light to make images from our brain too and how clever they are.

We then started to understand shadows and what shadows are formed from the light rays. We also studied reflection and refraction.

What facts did you learn from these investigations?

What do you now know about light, shadows and the human eye?

Road Safety Y3 and Y4

Today Years 3 and 4 had a visit from the Road Safety Team.

The Road Safety Team spoke to us about how to stay safe when walking on the pavements and crossing the road.

They told us some important things to remember when we are crossing the road:

  1.  Find a safe place to cross.


3.Look – right, left and right again.



We got the chance to use their role play road and learnt where is safe to cross and where is not. We can now all be safer when crossing the road.

Tatton Park

Last Friday, year five visited Tatton Park to learn more about the life of an evacuee during WWII. Poor Aunt Mary got a bit of a surprise when they arrived as she was only expecting three to five evacuees. Everyone had a great day and learnt a lot about life in WWII.

Thank you to all of the adults who came with us on our trip!

Mr Platt 🙂

Mini-beast Investigations!

For the first few weeks of this half term Reception have been learning all about minibeasts. They have been identifying and naming different minibeasts and hunting for lots of insects in our outdoor area.

As part of this topic Reception class are currently looking after some caterpillars. They have been watching them grow and change as they develop during their lifecycle. They are currently in their cocoons. Keep checking the blog for any updates as we may have some butterflies hatching very soon!

Good Luck Year 6

Wishing Year 6 lots of luck in their SATS this week. Relax and try your best.

Remember you are all blessed with skills SATS can’t test.