Year 6 Monarchs Day

Dear Year 6,

You are invited by Miss .J. Charles to a royal banquet on Friday 18th December.

There will be dancing and a feast.

Please come to school in an outfit fit for a ball (non-uniform) See you there!


Christmas Party!

The fun and festivities continue!!

Year 1 Christmas Party!

This afternoon Year 1 celebrated Christmas with a wonderful party! We played lots of games including: musical statutes, musical bumps and pass the parcel. There was also lots of dancing and yummy food. We also had a special visitor …… SANTA!! We all got an early present because we have been good for Miss Galtress and Mr Collier.

We had lots of fun and would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Love Year 1 x

IMG_2954IMG_2960 IMG_2953


Christmas Dinner and Christmas Hat Competition

Year 6 Dance

In Year 6 we have been learning to dance in PE. We started by learning some modern dance steps then we learnt how Kings and Queens would have danced at banquets by learning traditional Medieval dancing.We hope you like it.

It’s Christmas! (nearly…)

As always the children have been really busy in Reception

with Christmas activities!

Take a look at the video to see what we’ve been up to this week.


Remembering Mrs Tarran

Today in assembly we shared a special prayer written by Warren in Year 6 to remember a year since Mrs Mary Tarran sadly passed away.

Dear Lord

It has been a year now since Mrs Tarran passed on to you.

We all hope she is ok.

Some people might have forgotten about you but I didn’t and I never will. 

I wish I could say goodbye one more time.

She always put a smile on my face and everyone else’s too.

Please, please, please look after her. It would mean a lot to everyone. 


By Warren Year 6

Top Tips For Blogging Safely

As digital leaders we are responsible to be E-Safe guarders to warn and teach students/parents about being safe on the internet. So we have learnt about quite a few tips on how we think you should blog and comment safely, which are:

  • Don’t use your full name.
  • Do not share any personal details.
  • Post sennsible coments, think before you type.
  • If sharing a photograph on a blog post, don’t show anything that will attract people to harm you. Eg: a school logo or an email behind you.
  • Check spelling and punctuation
  • Don’t use a restricted blog for talking to friends.
  • When commenting ensure it is relevant to the post

Please take these tips seriously. Happy blogging!

Digital Leaders – Luke, Owain, Bailey, Jack, Hashim & Jake

Year 6 Monarchs

We are coming to the end of our topic on Monarchs. Next week we will celebrate with a banquet fit for Kings and Queens. You can dress up or come in clothes fit for a celebration and we will be making food and decorations. We will also be dancing 🙂

What have you learnt about British monarchs?

What have you enjoyed the most?

St Paul’s Christmas Sing-a-long

This afternoon staff and pupils at St Paul’s welcomed members of the community into school for a Christmas carol sing-a-long. The children sang beautifully while the visitors enjoyed a cup of tea and a mince pie too!