Year 6 Friday Challenge

This morning we were very close to solving this problem with words of 99p and £1.01. Can you have another go at the weekend and bring the answers on Monday?


Lego Club 2015

We had our first Lego club after school today and it was a great success.

Our first Lego challenge was to create some Lego pets. We had some great creations. Well done KS2 and we are very much looking forward to next week!


Year 1 – Bonfire Night Safety!

Today, Year 1 have created a Bonfire night safety poster. We printed straws into different coloured paint and added glitter and stars to make a firework effect. We also added some top tips on how to stay safe!

Enjoy your bonfire night & stay safe!

Miss Galtress & Year 1 🙂


Reading Buddies!

This half term, Year 5 and Year 1 have joined forces to start a new reading programme. Every Thursday the older children are paired with the younger children to enjoy a shared reading time. This will help model good reading to the younger children and also help practise and improve reading skills for both year groups.

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Viking Visitor

Yesterday year 5 had a special visitor. He told us all about the Vikings and gave us the opportunity to build on what we had already learnt.

Viking Day (1) Viking Day (10) Viking Day (15) Viking Day (21) Viking Day (26) Viking Day (30) Viking Day (32) Viking Day (37) Viking Day (46) Viking Day (57)

Today, we performed an assembly for our parents so that we could pass on everything we know about the Vikings.

What have you enjoyed most about the Vikings topic?

Mr Platt 🙂

Year 4 Firework Safety Video

We were concerned about people getting hurt this bonfire night, so we decided to make a short video with some helpful tips!

Year 4

School Council

School Council meet every last Wednesday of the month. Each meeting is led by the councillors and is a forum for pupil voice across school. This month children talked about E-Safety and Human Rights.


Bonfire Night Safety

Bonfire night/ Guy Fawkes night is extremely fun and exciting for children and adults but it is also a very dangerous time too. At St Paul’s we want all our pupils and parents to have an enjoyable but safe time. .

As you all celebrate bonfire night tonight or at the weekend, Year 6 would like you to consider some safety advice they have written to keep all our pupils safe.




For more information, see for injury facts, firework facts and safety advice.

Digital Leader Training Day 2


Today at the Innovation Centre, in Bradford, we presented and shared our work so far to the other schools and the leader of the course. This included a Powerpoint about internet safety, our post on the blog and the assembly we did in school.

After that, we looked at storage devices and problems with storing information on ipads, cameras and video players. We learnt that documents, photos and videos can be stored on ‘OneDrive’, ‘iCloud’ and ‘GoogleDrive’. These can store data on a large server and are called cloud storage. We also had the chance to look at the server they use at the Innovation Centre.

An interesting fact we learnt was that there is a huge tunnel and wire under the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the UK!

Following on from our work on passwords from last time, we looked at a website to find out how secure passwords are. It is This will tell you how fast a smart computer will be able to access your account from instantly to thousands of years.

We learnt lots!

Year 6 Digital Leaders





Year 6 2.11.15

Welcome back Year 6

This week we are learning:

Maths – Missing angles in a variety of shapes, angles assessment

English – Writing up our stories and starting to look at non-fiction texts

Topic – What is a Monarch? Ordering Monarchs through time.

Science – Electricity

PE – Dance – Fireworks

Problem Solving Maths – Using algebra in a range of problems

ICT – Digital Media

Hope you all work hard. Tell me what you enjoy the most?

Miss C x