Spock and Zoob

Our alien visitors, Spock and Zoob are having an amazing time in Reception.

They have been playing games of Duck, Duck, Goose.

Spock and Zoob 178

Trying out tasty delights from our fantastic new mud kitchen.

Spock and Zoob 185 Spock and Zoob 186 Spock and Zoob 187

Having a much needed rest in their very own handmade bed.

Spock and Zoob 188

As part of Anti-Bullying week we talked about how we can make each other happy in Reception class so everyone feels safe and valued.

Eli – “We can play games together.”

Kierey- “We can ask them if they want to play.”

Finlay- “We can read a story together.”

Eleanor -“If they are sad give them a hug.”

Rose- “Sometimes when I’m sad my mum reads a story with me.”

Amos- “We can play football.”

Phoebe C- “If we play with them they will be happy so they won’t cry.”

Lily- “I will make them a picnic.”

To make Spock and Zoob feel welcome in our class the children drew pictures and wrote about what they would do together.

Writing 003Writing 004

“I will read a story with Spock and Zoob.”

“I will play in the rocket with them.”

Writing 005 Writing 006

“I will play hide and seek with Spock and Zoob.”

“I will draw a picture.”

Writing 007 Writing 008

“I can play tig.”

“I can play in the home corner.”

Writing 009 Writing 010

“I will paint with you.”

“Please can I come to your planet?”

Writing 011 Writing 012

“Spock and Zoob’s family.” (so they don’t miss them)

“I can draw a smiley face.”

Writing 013 Writing 014

“I will draw a picture. I will read a story.”

“I will draw a picture.”

Writing 015 Writing 016

“I am going to play with you forever.”

“I will play hide and seek.”

Writing 017

“I will play hide and seek with you.”

We are so proud of the children as they are starting to write the sounds they have learnt in their writing and understand how their own actions can affect others in a positive way.

Anti-Bullying Week Year 6


This week is anti-bullying week. Children around school have been talking about bullying and what we can do to help.

On Tuesday, in assembly, Mrs Cook talked about the types of bullying and how it makes people feel.

This morning in Year 6, we watched this video with Tinie Tempah and came up with some advice for anyone struggling with bullying.

Can you comment anymore advise or something you have learnt about bullying?


Year 6 16.11.2015 & 23.11.2015

This week & next week we are learning:

Maths – 3D shapes and their nets

English – Leaflets – planning and creating our own

Topic –  Ordering Monarchs through time – dates

Science – Electricity

PE – Dance

Problem Solving Maths – working backwards

ICT – Digital Media/ video

Hope you all enjoy it, Tel me something new you learn.

Miss C

Alien Visitors in Reception!!

We were very surprised this morning to find a rocket had landed in our playground but were delighted to find two alien visitors had come to see us!

IMG_3765[1] IMG_3770[1]


We took them into school to find out more about them.


They are from the planet Zog and are called Spock and Zoob. They want to find out all about children on Earth and how we learn in school. The children made a list of all the things we can show Spock and Zoob while they stay with us.


They certainly had a fun morning with the children learning lots of new things.


Learning how to do a jigsaw.


Enjoying stories.


Trying new foods like fruit and milk.



Wearing new hats made for them!

And Spock even joined in with our numeracy lesson today. The children taught him all about shapes and how to continue a repeating pattern!

IMG_3860[1] IMG_3865[1]

After all the fantastic fun and learning our new alien friends were hungry. We found out they like to eat rocks so the children very kindly shared their lunch with them and they certainly found our food a lot more tasty than rocks!!

First they showed them how to wash their hands ready for lunchtime.


The children were very kind sharing their lunches.

IMG_3881[1] IMG_3879[1] IMG_3887[2] IMG_3890[1]

What pudding shall we try today?


Ooh those sausages look yummy.


After such a busy day our new friends were tired so the children put them to bed in their rocket to get some sleep ready for a new day tomorrow.

Share-a-story arts and crafts

Tonight in our after school club we have been discussing anti-bullying week. We watched a short story called ‘for the birds’ and talked about what bullying is, what to do if we are being bullied and how we can stop bullying from happening.

Each child made a link for the friendship chain with a helpful tip on ‘how to be a good friend’. We also made some friendship bees to remind us to ‘Be a good friend!’




The children continued with their phonics this week. These are the sounds they have been learning to read and write this week.

We have also been learning how to read simple CVC words with the sounds we have learnt. The video shows how we sound out and blend the words.

Please continue to help your child practise the words that are being sent home each week.

 Thank you.

Night and Day

This week the children have been learning about night and day.

We read the story ‘Night Monkey, Day Monkey’ and discovered lots of differences between what we can see and do during the day compared to during the night.

“We see the moon and stars at night.” – Hassan

“Owls come out at night, like Owl Babies did.” – Neave

“When the sun is shining it means it’s the morning now.” – Evie

“The sun makes the flowers grow.” – Rose

“When it’s night time in Wibsey that means the sun is shining in a different country.” – Finlay

The children sorted different activities into whether they are best done at night or during the day and they even decided some things can be done at night and during the day.

“You have to go to the park in the day because when it’s dark you can’t see and you might hurt yourself on the swing.” – Ava

“You have breakfast in the morning but I like to have cereal at night time sometimes.” – Finlay


The children learnt that some animals only like to come out at night and sang a song about them.

The night monkey discovered shadows in our story and so did the children. We talked about how shadows are made by blocking the light.

They made their own shadow puppets and performed stories for their friends.

1363 1366 1369 1372 1380 1403

And we discovered our own shadows outside!

228 231 233

The children are really enjoying cooking and baking each week and this week to go with our night and day theme they baked shortbread star biscuits.

mud kitchen 008 mud kitchen 016 mud kitchen 018 mud kitchen 031 mud kitchen 035 mud kitchen 045

Children in Need


Well done St Paul’s we have raised a fantastic £175 today towards Children in Need. Thank you to all the pupils and staff who wore non-uniform to raise money.

Lots of children took part in activities and learnt why it is important to raise money for this charity. The Children in Need theme this year is heroes and role models. Each class wrote about their hero and a pupil from each class was chosen to show their work in assembly.


Lego Club 12.11.15

This weeks challenge was to create Miss Briggs a dream house. There was lots of opinions of what a dream house would look like and some great houses were created.

Once again lots of fun was had at Lego club. Next weeks challenge will be to create a boat that floats!

Fun, fun, fun!

Year 4s Assembly

On the 12th November Year 4 had their class assembly. They spent several days writing their own script, creating their own pictures, deciding what texts to read and music to sing.

Mrs Barraclough and I are very proud of the time and effort the children put into their assembly.

We would also like to thank everyone for their attendance, we were overwhelmed by how many parents came.

Thank you

Miss Briggs, Mrs Barraclough and a very smiley Year 4.