An Unexpected Surprise!!

We were very surprised to receive a letter in Reception class. Mrs Coe delivered the letter to us and when we opened the letter it was from the bear in the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!’

He was very sad that we thought he was scary and wanted to chase after the family because he wanted to eat them!! He explained how he is actually very friendly and the family made him jump when they tip toed into his cave and that is why he roared so loudly. He chased the family because he wanted to be their friend.

The children said they would be his friend and Grace suggested we write a letter to the bear to tell him. So that’s what we did.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            012 016 020 021 040 022 042 044 046


054 055 056 057 058 059 060 061 062

We made him teddy bear puppets to keep him company and to have something to cuddle when he is feeling lonely.

008 009 012 013 018 019 030 031 033 034 037 035 021 022 039 023 024 043 045 046

I’m sure the Bear will not be lonely anymore with all his new fabulous bear friends to play with!

Our school trip to York Chocolate Story

On Wednesday 21st October, Year 4 visited York Chocolate Story. We traveled by coach and it took about an hour. We were all extremely excited because we were going to taste and make chocolate.

As soon as we arrived we went upstairs into a small room, it was very dark. We watched a video about Mayans and Aztecs fighting for cocoa beans. The Mayans discovered they could make a cocoa drink which we got to try, it was horrible. We learnt that the Aztec emperor drank 50 cups of the cocoa everyday and he believed it made him stronger.

Next we went into another room and we saw talking photographs(in frames) of different famous sweet makers such as; Rowntrees; Terrys; Cravens and Frys. Each of the sweet makers told us about which chocolates and sweets they had made, they argued between each other and gave us an insight into the world of chocolate making. On our way out we got to try a quality street sweet.

After that we went into another room and learnt about how the chocolates were made and the different jobs you could of had. The jobs included; professional wobbabilty testers, Easter egg wrappers; chocolate decorators and chocolate box makers. We also watched a video and it showed how chocolate were made, the workers sang a song from World War 1 which we all joined in with.

Then we went down into the chocolate factory to learn about how the chocolate is made, on an interactive activity.

Once we had learnt how to make the chocolate we got to taste the chocolate. First we had to put the chocolate on the back of our hands so it didn’t melt. Then we had to smell the chocolate, listen to the crack it made when it was snapped and finally we tasted it.

After that we got to make our very own chocolate lolly and we got to try freshly made chocolates, Mmm they were delicious!

Finally we had a lovely stroll down the Shambles in the centre of York followed by eating our lunch by the Castle museum. Everyone had chance to have a play on the grass whilst eating some sweets.

We all had a fantastic time and would like to thank all the adults for taking us and looking after us.

Love Year 4 x

10 Star Club!!

Congratulations to our first 10 star club winners!! 

Every day children can be rewarded with stars for when they ‘wow’ us with their fantastic learning and the amazing things they are doing in class.

When they earn 10 stars they can choose a prize from the golden box.


     Well done girls, we are really proud of you! 

Who will be next?

There are lots of children nearly at the magic number 10.

Seascapes Year 6

Whitby (55)

This afternoon, Year 6 have painted some fantastic seascapes to replicate a photograph taken on our trip to Whitby. The children used a colour wash and then created details with a fine brush. There are some great examples and many artists in the making!

IMG_1089  IMG_1087

IMG_1094 IMG_1096

IMG_1093 IMG_1097





If you go down to the woods today…

We are continuing  with our bear theme this week in Reception.

We read the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Can You See?

 We decided to make our own story and changed the words! We did this by picking a colour and an animal and then saying the story in the style of the original.

Fantastic storytelling Reception!

049 050 051 053 063 077 060 078 079 080 081 082 083

I think our version is much better, what do you think?

The children are learning ‘Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear’ in rhyme time this week. Sing together and join in the actions!

Year 6 19.10.15

Hello Year 6,

This week we are learning:

Maths – Angles, finding unknown angles in triangles, straight lines and other shapes.

English – Reading and exploring more of Room 13, by Robert Swindells. Planning and creating our own scary story based on Room 13

Topic – Working on our class assembly and creating seascapes

Science – Forces quiz

PE – Playing football fairly and keeping possession

ICT – Online Safety Assembly

NOTE: Our class assembly is on Thursday 22nd October at 9am

Hope you have a great last week of term.

How will you make your story scary like Room 13?

What do you think will happen in the end of Room 13?

Miss C x

Play Leaders

After all their hard work and training our play leaders are now out in the playground. They will be teaching different games and introducing new sports/ activities. They will be out at both morning break and lunch time.

IMG_0039 IMG_0040 IMG_0041 IMG_0042 IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_0045

Winning Football Team

Yesterday, St Paul’s football team travelled to Tong High School to take part in the first round of matches in the Under 11 Football League. The night began with disappointment as the team suffered a 1-0 defeat to Bowling Park in a match which they had dominated from start to finish. However, the team quickly bounced back and won their next four matches! This included victories over Bankfoot, Newhall Park A, Newby and Newhall Park B. The results can be seen below, the goal scorers are in the brackets.


Bowling Park         1 – 0     St Paul’s

Bankfoot                0 – 1     St Paul’s (Charlie)

Newhall Park A      0 – 1     St Paul’s (Lewis)

Newby                    0 – 1     St Paul’s (Joe)

Newhall Park B      0 – 1     St Paul’s (Lewis)


The team will play their next matches on Thursday 22nd November at the same venue. In total there are 20 teams in the league and the top two go on to represent the league at Bradford University so there is plenty to play for.


Thanks to all who helped and the players for their hard work in both training and the matches last night!

Mr Platt 🙂 

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

The children have amazed us this week with their re-telling of the story, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. The children acted it out using puppets and small world scenery.

Bear Hunt 001 Bear Hunt 004 Bear Hunt 012 Bear Hunt 034 Bear Hunt 043 Bear Hunt 009

Some of the children even built a cave for the bear!

Bear Hunt 054

011 019

The children have understood the story so well they helped Mrs Browne sequence the story pictures when they all got mixed up!

050 061 088 097 110

We even went on our own bear hunt when the classroom bears went missing!

Bear Hunt 073 Bear Hunt 069 Bear Hunt 082 Bear Hunt 084 Bear Hunt 083 Bear Hunt 091 Bear Hunt 087 Bear Hunt 092 Bear Hunt 093 Bear Hunt 096 Bear Hunt 100 Bear Hunt 101 Bear Hunt 103 Bear Hunt 107

Bear Hunt 108 Bear Hunt 109 Bear Hunt 113 Bear Hunt 114 Bear Hunt 116 Bear Hunt 117 Bear Hunt 121 Bear Hunt 127 Bear Hunt 123

The story inspired our PE lesson this week. The children tackled different obstacles by going over, under, weaving through, sliding, climbing and jumping!

150 156 162 165 171 173 176 179 183 190 191 198 208 215 222 242 257 284 285

The children have really enjoyed We’re Going on a Bear Hunt this week and have amazed us with their telling of the story.

Harvest Festival

Thank you to all those who attended the Harvest Festival service this morning in church. We received many generous donations that are going to make a huge contribution to the new St Paul’s Church food bank service for our community.

Well done to all the children for performing special Harvest songs so brilliantly.


IMG_2276  IMG_2295IMG_2277