Year 6 Whitby Trip 9.10.15 Information

Important Information








Looking forward to a fantastic day in Whitby on Friday with Year 6. The children received a letter yesterday afternoon explaining what they need to bring, but here is a list just in case you need it.

  • The children need to be at school for 8:15 am
  • They need to wear their school jumper / cardigan but can wear suitable clothing underneath such as a t-shirt and joggers
  • The children need to wear suitable shoes for walking e.g trainers
  • It will be a long day so children need a packed lunch and a couple of drinks
  • The journey to Whitby can be bumpy so children who suffer from travel sickness need to take medication. If they need extra for the return journey, please send dosage labelled and hand in to me (Miss Charles)
  • Raincoat and sunhat (typical British weather!)
  • A towel for paddling
  • The children need to bring their lunch etc in a backpack that they can carry, rather than a carrier bag
  • Children can bring up to £5 spending money, which is their responsibility
  • We will return to school for 4:30pm, if this changes you will be notified by text message

The weather is looking good at the moment, fingers crossed! 🙂


Year 6 5.10.15

This week we are learning:

Maths – Continuing algebra – simplifying equations and solving problems

English – Reading and exploring more of Room 13, by Robert Swindells. We will be writing about the characters and marking some work together.

Topic – Writing a survey to ask people who live in Whitby

Science – Continuing forces

PE – Passing

ICT – Online Safety

Friday 9th – WHITBY trip (8:15am start)

Hope you have a fantastic week. Post something new you learn.

Miss C x

Our 5 Senses – Taste

Our last sense we learnt about was our sense of taste. We had bitter lemon, salty crisps, sweet chocolate and sour sweets to tickle our taste buds!


“I can taste chocolate, it’s yummy.”


“Oh no I don’t like it!”


“That’s a horrible taste!”

The children have enjoyed learning about their senses and are really thinking about the senses they are using throughout the day.

Year 5 Art Day

Today in year 5 we have been working with an artist called Sarah-Jane Mason. We have been using lots of different techniques to create a banner for church! Some of the techniques used have been; tie dye, appliqué, embellishment and print-making.

Tie Dye

Art Day (7) Art Day (8) Art Day (31)Art Day (30)


Art Day (18) Art Day (13) Art Day (16) Art Day (38)


End (1) End (9) End (16)

Thanks for your hard work!

Mr Platt 🙂

Taking Care of Ourselves!

This week in Reception we will be learning about how to stay healthy through what we eat                      and how we exercise and how we can take care of ourselves.

The children have been learning lots of new songs about doing things by themselves                                            and love to sing and perform the actions.

Have a listen to their fantastic singing!





‘Back to School’ Open Morning

Thank you to all those who attended our ‘Back to School’ open morning.

Keep Safe Online by Year 6 Digital Leaders Part 1

Welcome to our e-safety advice for you. We hope this will help your children/child be safe on the internet. From the digital leader academy we have chosen some top tips, which we think will be wise to listen to.

This week our focus is passwords

  • Always keep your password a secret.
  • The best place to keep your password is in your head.
  • Create strong passwords with 6-8 characters using upper case and lower case as well as numbers and punctuation marks
  • Never give out your password to anyone even your friends
  • No one should ever use your usernames and passwords except you

Thank you, Hashim, Bailey, Jack, Luke, Owain and Jake

Year 6 Maths Challenge


This weekend can you come up with a word problem for this expression.

3n – 5

For example.

I have 3 bags of n bananas, my friend eats 5 bananas. How many do I have left?

Our 5 Senses – Touch

Today we thought about our sense of touch. The children took it in turns to feel an object in the ‘feely’ bag and try to describe the object and guess just from touch what it could be!


“It’s round, fluffy and squishy.”



“It’s long, hard and sharp.”



“It feels hard and it’s long.”



“It feels like a spoon.”



“It feels hard and soft and pointy and it’s bendy. I think it’s a feather.”



“It feels like the shape of an egg. It’s hard.”



“It feels squishy, it’s soft and it’s got fur on. I think it’s a pom pom.”



“It feels bumpy, straight at the bottom but it’s bumpy in the middle on the outside. It’s metal.”



“It’s hard and pointy and its got something around it.”



“It’s hard, I think it’s white and a circle shape. It could be a stone.”



“It’s a circle, it’s hard. It’s a penny.”


Healthy Eating Club – Pizza!

This week we made our own pizza.

First we prepared the toppings for our pizza by chopping the mushrooms, cutting the ham, pouring the passata, grating the cheese and opening the tin of sweetcorn!



We then put together the ingredients to create the topping for our pizza.




They looked and smelt truly scrumptious!!