This week the children have learnt to read and write the sounds h, b, f, l and r.

Watch the videos to see how we say the ‘pure’ sounds and how the rhyme helps us to form the letters correctly.

We are also continuing to sound out and blend the sounds to read new words.

The children have learnt all Phase 2 sounds so over the coming weeks we will be consolidating this learning by applying our knowledge through games and activities. This will really embed reading and writing in a fun way.

Spock and Zoob Go Home!

We were very sad to learn that the school holidays on Planet Zog have finished and so Spock and Zoob must return home. So the children decided we must throw a surprise leaving party for them!

We made a list of the things we would need to do before we could have a party.

First we needed decorations, which meant we had lots of balloons to blow up.

003 007 009

Some of the children didn’t need a pump to blow up their balloons!!


Next we prepared the party food.

leaving party 002leaving party 007 leaving party 011 leaving party 014

When everything was ready we went to find them in their rocket and shouted SURPRISE!!

leaving party 031 leaving party 035

They were very surprised but really excited to have a party! We played party games. First it was musical statues.

leaving party 055

Congratulations to our winning statues!

leaving party 059

Next it was time for party food. Spock and Zoob loved our buns.

 leaving party 063

And so did we!

leaving party 065 leaving party 068 leaving party 071

Then it was time for more party games. This time we played pass the planet and when the music stopped if you were holding a planet you had to do a silly dance!

leaving party 077

leaving party 093

After all that fun it was time to say a sad goodbye to our new friends.

We hope they come and visit us again!!


We will miss you!

The Solar System

Since we have had our alien visitors in Reception we have been fascinated by what might be really out there. So this week we have been learning lots about Space and the planets we find there.

This song has helped us to find out information about the different planets.

The children have written their own non-fiction book all about the different planets to tell others about the facts they have learnt.

The children learnt the order of the planets and knew that they orbit the sun.

041 051

We used pastels to create our own solar system pictures.

125 129

planets 001 planets 002 planets 003 planets 004 planets 005 planets 006 planets 007

Listen to our fabulous planet song.

New Kit!

The football team’s new kit has finally arrived. Although there are no scheduled matches for the near future, we will be looking to enter any upcoming competitions. If anyone knows of any in the local area then please leave a comment with the information.

New Kit (6)

New Kit (3)

Mr Platt 🙂


This week the children have learnt 4 new sounds, c, k, e and u. They also learnt that when we see ck together they only make one sound. This is called a digraph, where 2 letters make 1 sound. Watch the videos to see how we say the ‘pure’ sounds and how the rhyme helps us to form the letters correctly.

Thank you for your continued support with the children’s phonics learning. We are very impressed with their enthusiasm to learn new sounds each day. Please continue to use the formation sheets we send home as a guide to support your child’s learning.

Spock and Zoob Have More Fun!!

We were very surprised to receive a phone call from Spock and Zoob’s mum and dad this week. They wanted to make sure that Spock and Zoob had arrived safe and were having a lovely time. They are missing them and so some of the children decided to paint and draw pictures of them to send to Planet Zog so they could see how much fun they are having.

024 027 028 030 036 038

040 041 042 043 039

We thought they might like to try some of our favourite foods so we made mini pizzas this week.

First we prepared our ingredients by chopping and slicing them.

044 048 077 079 086 089

Then we put our toppings on the pizza bases.

070 063 061 073

Spock and Zoob were impressed and have certainly had a fun week in Reception!

Football Team

Tonight, the team played their final set of matches in the league at Tong High School. Knowing that they needed to win at least five matches to have a good chance of finishing in the top two, the team faced a difficult task as first up was a strong Woodside Academy. However, they battled hard and half way through the match the ball dropped to Lewis who calmly put the ball in the back of the net for what proved to be the winning goal. Mr Platt was ecstatic!

 Football (8)Football (11)

Contrary to previous weeks, the team continued their strong start by following up the victory over Woodisde with another two 1-0 wins against Knowleswood and East Bierley respectively, Lewis again with the decisive goals. St Paul’s then drew 0-0 with All Saints in a match of few chances.  In the following game, Bradford Academy took advantage of some poor defending from St Paul’s and gained an early lead. Then some fantastic goalkeeping, combined with a few good chances being put over the bar meant the scoreline stayed the same and the team unfortunately lost 1-0. In the final match, by which time everyone involved was freezing, the team got back to winning ways and finished the tournament with another good 1-0 win against Ryecroft A.

Football (10) Football (6)

Woodside                         0 – 1      St Paul’s (Lewis) 

Knowleswood                  0 – 1      St Paul’s (Lewis)

East Bierley                      0 – 1      St Paul’s (Lewis)

All Saints A                      0 – 0      St Pauls

Bradford Academy          1 – 0      St Paul’s 

Ryecroft A                        0 – 1      St Paul’s (Hashim)

Managers Players of the Night: Lewis and Alfie

Football (13)

Over the course of the night, and the tournament, all players involved can feel very proud of the way they have trained, played, behaved and represented St Paul’s C of E Primary School. If results are kind over the last two weeks of the tournament then the team have an outside chance of finishing in the top two which would be a fantastic achievement for a team that have only been playing together for two months.

Played: 18   Won: 12    Drawn: 3    Lost: 3     Scored: 17   Against:  5    Points: 45

Again, a big thanks to Miss Charles, Mrs Durrani and the parents for helping with transport to and from the event. A bigger thanks to the players for their effort over the three weeks of the tournament. Hopefully we will be able to enter a few more competitions in the near future and wear the new kit!

Mr Platt 🙂


Spock and Zoob

Our alien visitors, Spock and Zoob are having an amazing time in Reception.

They have been playing games of Duck, Duck, Goose.

Spock and Zoob 178

Trying out tasty delights from our fantastic new mud kitchen.

Spock and Zoob 185 Spock and Zoob 186 Spock and Zoob 187

Having a much needed rest in their very own handmade bed.

Spock and Zoob 188

As part of Anti-Bullying week we talked about how we can make each other happy in Reception class so everyone feels safe and valued.

Eli – “We can play games together.”

Kierey- “We can ask them if they want to play.”

Finlay- “We can read a story together.”

Eleanor -“If they are sad give them a hug.”

Rose- “Sometimes when I’m sad my mum reads a story with me.”

Amos- “We can play football.”

Phoebe C- “If we play with them they will be happy so they won’t cry.”

Lily- “I will make them a picnic.”

To make Spock and Zoob feel welcome in our class the children drew pictures and wrote about what they would do together.

Writing 003Writing 004

“I will read a story with Spock and Zoob.”

“I will play in the rocket with them.”

Writing 005 Writing 006

“I will play hide and seek with Spock and Zoob.”

“I will draw a picture.”

Writing 007 Writing 008

“I can play tig.”

“I can play in the home corner.”

Writing 009 Writing 010

“I will paint with you.”

“Please can I come to your planet?”

Writing 011 Writing 012

“Spock and Zoob’s family.” (so they don’t miss them)

“I can draw a smiley face.”

Writing 013 Writing 014

“I will draw a picture. I will read a story.”

“I will draw a picture.”

Writing 015 Writing 016

“I am going to play with you forever.”

“I will play hide and seek.”

Writing 017

“I will play hide and seek with you.”

We are so proud of the children as they are starting to write the sounds they have learnt in their writing and understand how their own actions can affect others in a positive way.

Anti-Bullying Week Year 6


This week is anti-bullying week. Children around school have been talking about bullying and what we can do to help.

On Tuesday, in assembly, Mrs Cook talked about the types of bullying and how it makes people feel.

This morning in Year 6, we watched this video with Tinie Tempah and came up with some advice for anyone struggling with bullying.

Can you comment anymore advise or something you have learnt about bullying?


Year 6 16.11.2015 & 23.11.2015

This week & next week we are learning:

Maths – 3D shapes and their nets

English – Leaflets – planning and creating our own

Topic –  Ordering Monarchs through time – dates

Science – Electricity

PE – Dance

Problem Solving Maths – working backwards

ICT – Digital Media/ video

Hope you all enjoy it, Tel me something new you learn.

Miss C