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Reception chick update!

Reception class have had a very exciting week watching our chick eggs hatch and grow. On Wednesday afternoon 1 more egg hatched to see the children off for hometime.

When we arrived at school on Thursday morning 2 more eggs had hatched overnight, giving us 5 chicks in total. Thursday was a very busy day as 3 more eggs hatched before our very eyes. By Friday, we had 8 happy healthy chicks cheeping away in our brooder box. Unfortunately 2 eggs did not hatch. We discussed this with the children and they understood why this may have happened.

We have been learning to care for our 8 chicks making sure they have clean bedding and plenty of fresh food and water.


This morning at 9 o’clock Reception had their first new arrival. Our first chick has pecked their way through their egg. Soon after, at half past 9, our second chick followed!

Keep checking the blog for more chick updates.

Video coming soon …

The Chicks Last Week in Reception!


Our First Arrival!

An Eggciting Delivery in Reception!

More chick fun!


A Special Delivery in Reception!

We were very excited to receive a special delivery today containing 12 chick eggs. They should hopefully start to hatch on Wednesday so we thought about how we need to make sure they are kept warm and safe until their arrival.

We are very excited and as you can see the children have been keeping a very close eye on them!




Stay tuned for regular updates!