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Stone Age Shelters

This week we have been looking at Stone Age shelters, from different times.

We enjoyed comparing them to our homes and also started to create our own in DT.

Here are some pictures of our shelters (in progress)

Making Matzoh in Year 4

Today Year 4 made some Matzoh bread in RE as they were learning about the Jewish festival called Passover or Pesach. This festival commemorates the Exodus (Moses leading the Jewish people out of Egypt).
The ingredients needed to make this flat, unleavened bread are olive oil, flour, water and salt.
The children enjoyed making and eating this bread with Mrs Rashid.
Well done to everyone involved.

Mrs Hallworth

Year 4’s Mummy

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about the mummification process used in Ancient Egypt so we have mummified a banana!

The children had fun pretending the banana was an actual body. First, they inserted a metal rod into the nose, trying to liquify the brain in order to remove it. Then, they performed an incision on the left hand side of the banana to remove the organs. After that, they rubbed the inside and outside of the banana with salt. Next, they mummified it, wrapping it up with bandages. Finally, they placed the mummified banana into a sarcophagus. Every Friday, we have been checking changes to observe the different stages of decay.

Here are some of the photos of this experiment.

Mrs Hallworth, Mr Collier and Mr Daynes

Year 4 Topic (Global Food)

Year 4 have learned where some food come from in our Topic lessons. They really enjoyed baking and making dishes and typical food from China, France and Germany.

Well done Year 4!

Mrs Hallworth

Egyptian Death Masks

Well done Year 4 for designing and making Egyptian death masks. it was a long process but it was worth it! They are all fantastic!

Here are some photos of the different stages.

A big THANK YOU goes to Mrs Barraclough for taking most of these Art lessons! We miss you already!

We will also really miss Gaby. We wish her and her sister Evie all the best and hope they will come and see us soon.

Have a nice break, everybody!

Mrs Hallworth


Children in Need

This week we have been baking some beautiful buns to raise money for Children in Need.

The children enjoyed eating them all at break time on Friday and looked bright and colourful in non-uniform, pyjamas or onesies!

Thank you to all the staff, parents and children involved and a big THANK YOU to you all for your kind and generous donations.

Mrs Hallworth

img_4902 img_4903 img_4904 img_4905 img_4907 img_4909 img_4910 img_4912 img_4913 img_4915 img_4916 img_4918 img_4919 img_4920 img_4921


To end our topic of Brazil; and our time together in year 5, we visited a Brazilian restaurant – Fazenda! We had a great day out travelling by bus and train in the beautiful sunshine. All of the food was really tasty and we had the opportunity to try some things that we wouldn’t usually. Thank you to Mrs Smith and Mrs Coe for helping keep us safe and make it enjoyable.

Mr Platt 🙂 

Fabulous French Food!

Year 4 had a great time learning about French food and French desserts. They enjoyed making their own quiche and tarte aux pommes ( apple tart ).

IMG_3239 IMG_3238 IMG_3237 IMG_3236 IMG_3235 IMG_3233 IMG_3195 IMG_3194 IMG_3193 IMG_3192 IMG_3191 IMG_3190 IMG_3189 IMG_3188 IMG_3187