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Year 5 – Autumn 1

I would like to welcome my new class into year 5! This half term our topic is The Vikings. We will also be learning about a variety of things in different subjects. Later in the half term we will also have a special visit from a Viking!

This term we are learning:

  • Maths – Place Value, Addition & Subtraction and 3D Shapes
  • English – Acrostic Poetry, Thriller Stories and Discussion Texts
  • Topic – The Vikings
  • Science – Properties and Changes of Materials
  • PE   – Benchball
  • ICT – Internet Safety

Mr Platt 🙂

Year 5 Summer 2

Welcome back to the last term in Year 5!

This term we are learning:

  • Maths –area/perimeter continued, angles, missing angles, geometry, measures
  • English – Poetry, Brazilian stories, persuasion
  • Topic –Brazil
  • Science – Living things
  • PE (Mondays)  – Athletics and Keeping fit
  • ICT – Data handling, research and map work
  • PSHE: Thankfulness, money

Dates to note:

  • Swimming continues every Tuesday
  • Friday 30th – 175th Anniversary celebrations
  • Tuesday 11th – Sound of Music at BBEC
  • Wednesday 12th – Transition day in school
  • Tuesday 25th July  – Last day of term

Miss C 🙂


Year 6 – Summer 1

This half term is extremely busy for year 6. To begin with, we will be preparing for our SAT tests which are taking place in the third week of the half term. When they are out of the way, we will be focusing on out topic of ‘Britain Since WWII’. During the half term, we will also be learning about different things in science, ICT and PE.

This term we are learning:

  • Maths – Revision of Everything
  • English – GPS Skills, Information Texts
  • Topic – Britain Since WWII
  • Science – Animals Including Humans
  • PE   – Cricket
  • ICT – Website Design

Mr Platt 🙂

Year 5 Summer 1

Welcome back to this very short but busy term

This term we are learning:

  • Maths – decimals, word problems, missing numbers, area/perimeter and angles
  • English – Portal stories, letter writing and poetry
  • Topic – All Arty
  • Science – Materials
  • PE (Mondays)  – Striking and Fielding
  • ICT – Programming
  • PSHE: Responsibility, aspirations and jobs

Dates to note:

  • Swimming continues every Tuesday
  • Monday 1st May – School closed (bank holiday)
  • Friday 5th – Huddersfield University visit
  • Tuesday 23rd May  – Cartwright Hall visit

Year 6 – Spring 2

I hope you all enjoyed learning about Benin last half term; this half term we are learning about Lights, Camera, Action!

This term we are learning:

  • Maths – Ratio & Proportion, Fractions, Percentages, Measurement, Decimals and Test Practice
  • English – Free Verse Poems, Explanations and Lost & Found Stories
  • Topic – Lights, Camera, Action
  • Science – Light
  • PE   – Benchball
  • ICT – Information Literacy
  • PSHE – Citizenship

Mr Platt 🙂

Year 5 World Book Day 2017

We started the morning by everyone in class explaining who they were dressed as and what their favourite book is.

Here are some examples.

Miss Charles: “Guess how much I love you is my favourite children’s book because it has really lovely illustrations and the words have a really emotional meaning.”

Rajveer: “Mine is Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban because is it really interesting and descriptive!”

Bailey: “I like the World War 2 non-fiction book because it has interesting facts and photographs.”

Renae: “Mine is Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban because you find out that it is not Sirius Black that told Voldermort where his parents were!”

Kiedis: “Mine is Minecraft Annual 2016 because I really like Minecraft.”

We then played a game of guess the character, made a bookmark and made our own book.

Great morning Year 5, well done everyone.


Year 5 World War 2 Poetry

On Wednesday, Year 5 worked in teams to study a poem and learn a section by heart. Each poem contained repetition and made the reader imagine the horrors of the war.


Year 5 Spring 2

Welcome back Year 5

There are lots of exciting topics to look forward to this half term including our trip.

This term we are learning:

  • Maths – Roman numerals continued, fractions, decimals and percentages
  • English – Poetry, Portal and WW2 stories, reports
  • Topic – World War 2
  • Science – Properties of materials
  • PE (Mondays)  – Games – Hockey
  • ICT – Media (BBEC Friday afternoons)
  • PSHE: Respect

Dates to note:

  • Parent’s evenings Monday 6th & Tuesday7th March 3:30 – 6:30
  • Trip to Tatton Park – Wednesday 5th April
  • Swimming continues every Tuesday morning

Miss C 🙂

Year 5 Class Assembly

Thank you to all those parents who came to watch our class assembly. I hope you enjoyed it. For those parents who could not make it, here are some of the highlights.

Well done Year 5, you were fantastic!

The Caravan

In year six we have started learning our new Pie Corbett story this week – ‘The Caravan’. This story links in with our science topic of electricity and warns us not to play near pylons!

Mr Platt 🙂