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Year 5 End of term and Cooking

Today Year 5 had a treat day. They suggested activities they would like to do and they earned the time today, off timetable, to do activities such as computers, colouring, puzzles and crafts.

All the children also took part in some cooking and baking also. They made crustless quiche and jam pastry whirls. They were delicious and the quiches were very healthy too. The children were chefs in the making with brilliant knife skills even with the sharp knife and their mixing was great too.

Gordon Ramsey Juniors!

Who is going to make them at home?

Have a good half term Year 5!

Year 2 – The day Florence Nightingale came to St. Paul’s.

Florence Nightingale visited St Paul's to explain all about her life and work.

Florence Nightingale visited St Paul’s to explain all about her life and work.

She brought with her artefacts from Victorian times.

She brought with her some artefacts from Victorian times.

There were some smelling boxes that smelt of sweaty sock and dirty laundry!

There were some smelling boxes that smelt of sweaty socks and dirty laundry!

Florence explained how she was going to make the hospitals in Scutari cleaner and safer.

Florence explained how she was going to make the hospitals in Scutari cleaner and safer for the soldiers, who had been fighting in the Crimean War. This was because more soldiers were dying due to the poor conditions in the hospital rather than their battle injuries.

The soldiers needed clean beds, sterile bandages, and healthy food.

She knew that the soldiers needed clean beds, sterile bandages, and healthy food.

She needed lots of nurses and porters to help her.

Florence needed lots of nurses and porters to help her.

Rats needed to be killed and removed.

Rats needed to be killed and removed.

Bed pans needed emptying.

Bed pans needed emptying and cleaning.

Clean bandages need to be put on the soldiers injuries.

Clean bandages needed to be put on the soldiers injuries.

The soldiers could then have a much better chance of getting better.

The soldiers could then have a much greater chance of getting better.

So, thank you Florence Nightingale for helping the soldiers in Scutari and for telling us about your life and work>

So, thank you Florence Nightingale for helping the soldiers in Scutari and for telling us about your life and work.

If you would like to more about Florence Nightingale ask a child in Year 2. They now know lots about her.

Thank you

Mrs T Smith

Year 6 Tesco Visit

Today we went to Tesco as part of our science work. We looked around the store and took part in some activities. We even got a goodie bag!!!

What did you learn, Year 6?

What was your favourite part?

Year 6 Science – Heart Rate

This afternoon in Year 6, we were finding out about our pulse and heart rate. We measured our pulse in three ways;

  • On our wrist
  • Using a data logger
  • Using an app on the ipad

We started planning our experiments and investigations and deciding how we will conduct them outside. Each group is going to find out something different. One experiment is about exercise and movement, one is about average heart rate and one is about different people’s heart rate. Next we will plan our method and how we will make it fair and accurate.

Can you tell me what you do to find your pulse?

How will you make your experiment fair?

Year 4 – The Body

This half term in Science, we have been learning about the digestive system and our teeth.

In our lessons we have done two disgusting science experiments to do with digestion and looking after our teeth.

Firstly we looked at the digestive system and we made our own version using tights – we made POO!

We recreated the digestive system using mouth (hands),food(crackers), saliva(water) bile(orange juice), stomach(plastic bag), small intestine(tights) and the large intestine/ rectum (plastic cup with a hole in).

First we chewed the cracker up and mixed it with saliva. Then we moved it into the stomach where the food was mixed and churned up with bile and enzymes. After that the food traveled to the small intestine where all the goodness and nutrients are taken out and the leftovers are sent to the large intestine. The large intestine gets rid of the bad stuff and sends it to the rectum. The rectum sends a message to the brain to tell you that you need the toilet and it comes out as a stool.

We have also been looking at teeth, we were very shocked at how important they are and that we need to clean them properly twice a day.

We did an experiment using eggs to test how bad certain drinks are for our teeth. We used eggs because they have enamel on the outside like our teeth.

We decided from our experiment that the worst drinks, out of, milk, water, fresh orange, tea and blackcurrant were tea, orange and blackcurrant squash.

Our prediction was that blackcurrant would be the worst so we were shocked when the fresh orange and tea did more damage. Even toothpaste did not protect your teeth completely from damage.


Ask year 4 what there favourite experiment was.

Miss B ūüôā


Warburton’s Bakery visit Year2

On Wednesday 14th October, Year 2 had a visit from the lady from Warburton’s Bakery. We discussed the history of the bakery, healthy eating and how to make a tasty, healthy, rainbow sandwich.

IMG_1183 IMG_1184 IMG_1186IMG_1187  IMG_1188 IMG_1189 IMG_1190 IMG_1191 IMG_1192 IMG_1193 IMG_1195 IMG_1196 IMG_1197 IMG_1201 IMG_1202 IMG_1203 IMG_1205

Keeping Healthy!

This week we have been learning about how to stay healthy.

Firstly, we discovered how there are germs everywhere and so it is very important we wash our hands carefully to get rid of all those nasty germs that can make us poorly.

1.Turn the tap on and wet your hands.



2. Pump 1 squirt of soap on your hands.



3. Lather the soap all over your hands making sure you rub the palms and backs of your hands. Rub between your fingers and don’t forget your thumbs!





4. Rinse the soap off your hands with water.


5. Dry your hands.



We talked about which foods and drinks we thought would be good for us and make us grow big and strong. The children knew lots of fruit and vegetables and dairy foods which help to give us the vitamins, minerals and calcium our bodies need.

They sorted different food and drink as to whether it was healthy or unhealthy then drew a picture of a healthy food plate.

Unfortunately a lot of the foods we love are not very good for us but we decided a little bit every now and then is ok!!

007 011 012 024 041 066

Healthy Eating 001

Healthy Eating 002

Healthy Eating 003

Healthy Eating 004

Healthy Eating 005

Another way we can keep healthy is to exercise and the children have been really enjoying their PE lessons. We have been using our bodies to move in lots of different ways, but first we need to warm up our bodies and get our blood pumping around our body.

005 008 018 021

022 035 038 043 044 044 052 069 073 082 089 091 103

After all that exercise it’s important we cool down our bodies and stretch.




The children really enjoyed making their own fruit kebabs. They used new skills of slicing, cutting, chopping and skewering their fruit.

Fruit kebabs 058

Fruit kebabs 062

Fruit kebabs 063

Fruit kebabs 066

Fruit kebabs 074

Fruit kebabs 078

Fruit kebabs 079

Fruit kebabs 083

Fruit kebabs 085

Fruit kebabs 089

Fruit kebabs 090

Fruit kebabs 091

Fruit kebabs 092

Fruit kebabs 096

Fruit kebabs 100

Fruit kebabs 103

Fruit kebabs 105

Fruit kebabs 109

Fruit kebabs 112

Fruit kebabs 118 Fruit kebabs 119 Fruit kebabs 122 Fruit kebabs 129 Fruit kebabs 130 Fruit kebabs 132

Fruit kebabs 133 Fruit kebabs 135 Fruit kebabs 137 Fruit kebabs 140 Fruit kebabs 142 Fruit kebabs 144 Fruit kebabs 146 Fruit kebabs 148 Fruit kebabs 149 Fruit kebabs 154

Look at some of the fantastic playdough people some of the children have made.

Fruit kebabs 025 Fruit kebabs 027 Fruit kebabs 028 Fruit kebabs 031 Fruit kebabs 036 Fruit kebabs 039 Fruit kebabs 040

It has been another fun packed week in Reception. We are very proud of all the children and how they are excited to come to school and have settled in to new routines and showing independence in lots of ways.

Thank you for your continued support.

Taking Care of Ourselves!

This week in Reception we will be learning about how to stay healthy through what we eat                      and how we exercise and how we can take care of ourselves.

The children have been learning lots of new songs about doing things by themselves                                            and love to sing and perform the actions.

Have a listen to their fantastic singing!